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Treatment of Radial Nerve Palsy
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Treatment of Radial Nerve Palsy

I m 35 male and on 4th Oct. 12 was operated for a humerus fracture in the left arm. The fracture was closed with d help of two plates, however after the operation i suffered wrist drop and the doctors applied dynamic **** up splint to support my left hand.
I have been through Physiotherapy for the past couple months and have recently got an EMG / NCV test done the report mentions the following:

"MNCV: Normal distal latencies, amplitude and conduction velocities in  both median, ulnar and right redial nerves.     CMAP absent in Left Redial Nerves.

SNCV: Normal latencies, amplitude and conduction velocities in  both median, ulnar and right redial nerves.     SNAPS absent in Left Redial Nerves.

F Response: Normal in all nerves tested.

Fibrillation & Positive sharp wave seen in left brachioradialis and extensor digitorum communis muscles.
No spontaneous activity was seen in other muscles tested.
Few MUAPs of small amplitude were recorded in left brachioradialis.
Occasional nascent MUAPs were seen in left extensor digitorum communis.
MUAPs were of normal amplitude and duration in rest of muscles tested.
IP is discrete in left extensor digitorum communis and reduced in left brachiordialis.
IP was full in rest of muscle tested.

Neurologist Comments:
"This NCV + EMG study is abnormal nerve conduction study is suggestive of sever degree of sensorimotor involvement of Left Redial nerves. EMG show active denervation with poor reinnervation in left radial innervated muscle distal to branch to triceps, Kindly correlate clinically. "

My doctor recommends a nerve graft surgery after this test, I just wanted an honest opinion on the success of the said procedure and % of recovery expected with the time required for complete recovery and is there any other treatment available other than the nerve graft surgery.
Your concern & time is highly appreciated.
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Hi there!

The success of nerve grafts depends on a few factors such as patient age, time since injury, presence/ absence of comorbidities, mechanism of injury etc. Given the scenario, I would give it around 60% chance of recovery, which is still worth undertaking the procedure. I would suggest discussing the pros and cons of the management options available in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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