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Treatmet For TB
In November 2011 , i get pain in my lower back with night fever. I consult an Ortho doctor and they suggest me
some antibiotic medicine and physiotherpy .
But there was no improvment.  doctor suggest me for DL-Spine MRI and LFT test, Mantoux & CRP( Result for MRI is below):

ESR : 21
Mantoux : Diameter of Indutarion: 10mm , Interpretation : Positive , Type of reaction : Listeria Type.
C-Reactive Protein Assay : 31 MG/L
Urine Test : Bence jones protein (urine) : Absent

After this doctor put me on AKT 4 kit with Bio D3 strong, Folvite,Protera till August 2012 and after August I started AKT 3 till date .

But there was still pain in my lower back ( mainly in moring time & sleeping time) so i consult again with doctor DL spine MRI and FNAC test for wiich i have give the sample and initial report is give below .

MRI Reports:

The study shows evidence of amalgamation of onset of healing process and ongoing active infective etilogy with following observation:
1. Diffuse marrow signal alteration involving D10 and D11 vertebral bodies appearing hetrogeneous hypertense on T2W and STIR images and hypotemese on T1W images. Intervening disc space at D10-11 level is mildly reduces with subtle erosions in the contiguous vertebral endplates.
2.Associated small hetrogeneous perivertebral soft tissue collection at D10-11 level on the left side with possible subtle involvement of neural foramina seen.
L5 vertebral body is sacarlised.

FNAC Test Result :
1.Smears sent as CT guided FNAC paravertebral collection show inflammaatory cells mixed with blood, occasional eptithelioid cell granulomas and small foci of necrosis.
2. ZN staining show no AFB
18 Nov :
C-Reactive Protein Assay : 17 MG/L
Hb: : 15.4
TLC : 9.3
ESR : 6
Current i am taking below mentioned Medicine & my weight is 69 KG:

R-cinex 600mg,Combutol 600mg,Lenoflox 750 Mg,Benadon

What will be side effect of these medicine & what precaution i must need in food ( Type of diet).
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Hi there!

R-Cinex is a combination of rifampcin and INH, Combutol is Ethambutol, Lenoflox is Levofloxacon, these are antibiotics and Benadon is pyridoxine which is a vitamin used to counteract the effects of INH. The listed antibiotics have a long list of side effects. You could get the complete list of side effects online, while it is only the important side effects that one would need to be careful about. In case one develops any, it is advised to inform the treating doctor immediately.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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