Tuberculosis Treatment
by Rajsur, Feb 08, 2010

I am 35 years old married.I have been diagonised TB. I have been undergone traetment of TB with the initial phase.I have been given Xeed tablet 4 tablet in a day with sampraz 20 mg for 2 months.Now i am  in the continuation phase with RCinex 450.My problem during interval of one week or two i feel drowsyness, headhache,skin cold and mild fever with tiredness.During this period i dont feel like hungry,dullness and discomfort.I wanted to know whether it because of Drug Resistance or Drug allergy or whether i am getting the right treatment. Also i wanted to know such symptom are common for TB patient and I don't think during the treatment the fever should persist.Still the fever repeat after taking the drug for 15 days.

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by Dr VinodBlank, Feb 08, 2010

The most important thing is to be free of tuberculosis bacteria. Were you tested after 2 months of tuberculosis active therapy (4 drugs)?

Are you suffering from active lung tuberculosis or spine tuberculosis?
You would need a sputum examination or if it a spinal then to get a lumbar puncture done to check for any active infection.

If your lesion is responding to anti tubercular therapy then I would suggest you to have proper protein diet and not to worry as your fever will get under control.

If you are in India you can follow up with any of the tuberculosis specialized centers which are available.

Take care!