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What is this pain??
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What is this pain??

I'm a 24yr old female who has had 7 yrs of pain in the right hip. I think I may have injured it after simply getting up from sitting down on a chair, as it felt like I pulled it and I couldn't move my leg for a few minutes.

2yrs down the line, it started clicking. I saw an osteopath who says I'm hypermobile. After looking further into this, hypermobility can lead to arthritis.
I've tried Pilates, painkillers, exercise, everything to try and stop the clicking and pain, but even after the osteopathy and several x rays and MRIs - nothing.

I was given a pain diary by an orthopaedic consultant after I had a corticosteroid injection. When I gave it back exactly a month later as planned, the consultant says that the pain tracked on the diary is diagnostic of that of a tear in the cartilage. The only one I can possibly think of is a labral tear???

So now I'm currently waiting for a letter for an arthroscopy done on my hip but surely the MRI would've detected the tear, although I know on some MRIs they appear as normal.
I'm now starting to wonder that I must've quite badly damaged the cartilage in my hip as the clicking comes on whatever I do and is getting louder. Is there anyone else who gets this as it's really worrying me?

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With the recent development of arthroscopic techniques to surgically manage the hip joint, there has been increased recognition and awareness of hip labral tears.

I would suggest you to follow with an expert radiologist who would help you diagnose it by a contrast assisted MRI to clearly diagnose labral tear.

Snapping and clicking sensations in the hip, groin pain and limited motion of the hip joint are the major symptoms of Hip labral tear.

Try to rest and also take anti inflammatory drugs to relieve pain.  Try physical therapy and cortisone injections and repeat them and try to conservatively decrease your symptoms.

If you need a hip arthroscopy procedure then the best person to proceed ahead will be your orthopedician.

Take care and follow up with an expert!
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