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Wrist Pain and popping?
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Wrist Pain and popping?

Im going to try to give as much information as possible.Here is the list of problems I have with my left wrist:
*It hurts to bend it more then just a tiny amount
*I cant carry anything that really weighs anything where it puts strain on it
*When I can bend it there is a popping sound that is accompanied with shooting pain to fingers
*When I go to get up off the floor I can not use that hand to brace myself otherwise it feels as if it just gave out
*I can pull on the hand and feel multiple pops along with the pain (where as the right hand does not do the same)
*If I immoblize it after about an hour or two it starts throbbing and feels as if there is pressure building up in the wrist
*If I let my hand fall forwards to the 90 degree position, there is a bone (or something hard) that makes bumb on my wrist and putting any pressure on that sends pain both up my hand and down my arm (where as the other wrist does not have this problem)
*Every now and then I will get a tingling feeling in the middle, ring, and pinky fingers but only when pain is present
*Writing more then a sentence or two at a time

I am sure I am leaving things out, but you get the idea.  Now this is what I have tried:
*Icing it
*Heating it
*Sleeping with a brace on at night (but will wake up with sever pain after about 2 hours)
*Tried wearing a brace during the day, only taking off when pain gets to bad for about 15 min and then putting it back on
*Ibprofen (sorry for spelling) does help get though a normal day, as long as it does not require to much movement of the wrist
*Range of motion just makes it worse

Now some background.  I have had this pain in my left wrist as long as I could remember.  I am left handed and do everything with my left side of my body. Growing up between 7 and 13 I was in gymnastics, I know I had some problems with it during that time.  It wasnt often that it would hurt and doctors would say I just slept on it wrong.  I have never sprained or broken my wrist.  Jobs that I have had have been all sorts, I have worked at call centers where there has been a lot of typing on computers.  I have also had jobs in a meat packing plant where I had repetitive motion in my wrist (pain associated as break in pain).  Now I am a CNA and when it comes to dependent residents I do have to roll them in bed to change or reposition them.  Over the years the pain has just gotten worse and occurs most of the time.  I do have days where it doesnt seem to be stiff or sore, but I also wont push it on those days.  I have been in to see doctors about it, but all they have ever done is give me a brace or tell me to ice it.  I have never had an Xray or anything else done.  
Just wondering if this is something I just have to deal with or any ideas as to what I can bring up to the doctor?  I just dont think I can deal with it to much longer, its been continuing this time for about 3 months of straight pain.
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include inflammations, degeneration, neuro-muscular issues, auto-immune causes, injuries/ loose bodies, growths/ masses etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile you could try some tylenol/ OTC NSAIDS for pain relief.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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