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Wrist Popping
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Wrist Popping

I am 19 years old and my wrists pop throughout my daily activities.  They have been doing this for years but recently have gotten worse.  I have noticed in the morning that they are extremely stiff and I have woken up in severe pain where I had to pop my wrist to regain movement.  After my wrists pop I have pain that extends up through my hands and fingers.  My hands and wrists also tend to swell when I am stressed.  What can I do to help ease my pain?
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Avatar dr f tn

I have mentioned earlier in one of the posts that the wrist is what we call a hinge joint and as a hinge joint it has very limited range of motion.

I have some questions?

Are you female?

What is your typical day like?

You noted your symptoms to occur for years already,any circumstances that could have triggered this?Any events surounding the onset?

Do you engage in sports like tennis or golf?

Do you lift heavy objects, use the computer a lot?

When you say that your wrists are stiff do you mean both wrists?

Are there any other painful joints in other parts of the body( fingers,knees)?

Any stiffness of other joints?

Any medications that relieve the wrist pain?

I suggest you consult with an orthopedic surgeon so that a radiograph may be done to rule out dislocation or fracture.A test on CRP( C reactive Protein) or ESR levels may also be requested.A visit to a rheumatologist may also help since some autoimmune diseases may manifest as joint pains.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Avatar n tn
Hi lynzi,
How are you feeling now?
I think it can be carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervain tenosynovitis, ulnar collateral ligament injury, “trigger finger,” fractures, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Careful history of your symptoms and proper examination by an orthopaedician will help in arriving at correct diagnosis?
Where is your pain exactly?
What is the quality of your pain and/or symptoms (e.g., sharp, electric, dull, aching, numbness, tingling, etc.)?
What are your occupation and hobbies?
When did your symptoms begin? Do you ever have symptoms at night that awaken you from sleep?
Night-time symptoms that wake the patient from sleep are classic sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Have you tried any treatments for your pain and have they helped?
I think you need to be seeing an orthopaedician for examination and plan for imaging studies.
Keep me informed.
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