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I have had these comments  from my surgeon with regards to chronic pain in my neck for the last 4-5 years and pins and needles in my hands at various digits , arms and hands very weak. I would like the panel to way the options for and against surgery. My MRI report is attached also.

Hameed was reviewed in the Neurosurgery SpinalTriage Clinic following his repeat cervical MRI scan. lt shows significant stenosis at C5/6 and C6/7 with some nerve root compression of the right C6 nerve.

The Neurosurgeon had a chance to meet Hameed to discuss management options and offered him an ACD and fusion at C5/6 and C6/7. The risks of surgery were explained as infection, haematoma, a small chance of paralysis of all four limbs, a small chance of paralysis to the arm, hoarse voice and the general anaesthetic risk. Hammed said he would like to go ahead with the surgery and his name has been placed on the Waiting List. He will be hearing from the Neurosurgery Department with a date for a pre-assessment and then following that with a date for surgery, which will probably be in about three to four months time.

Clinical History : neck pain, subjective weakness left and

right arms with constant pins and needles right second to

fifth fingers and left second and third fingers. Previous

MRI scan shows C5/6 canal stenosis.

MRI Spine Cervical : axial and sagittal T2 weighted images

of the cervical spine.

Findings: no previous the cervical imaging is available to

comparison. Today's scan shows canal stenosis at C5/6, C6/7

and C7/TI secondary to osteophyte and disc protrusion. The

tightest level is C5/6. No convincing T2 hyperintensity can

be seen within the cord at any level. Axial images been

obtained from C3 to T1.

C3/4 no neural compression.

C4/5 no neural compression.

C5/6 there is a central disc protrusion and large right

uncovertebral osteophyte, This causes moderate canal

stenosis displacing the cord posteriorly and to the left.

The exiting C6 nerve root on the right is compressed. On the

left the C6 nerve root appears to escape without


C6/7 There is a broad based central disc protrusion

narrowing the exit foramen bilaterally but worse on the

left. Moderate canal stenosis can again be identified with

displacement of the cord posteriorly. The exiting C7 nerve

roots appear to escape about compression.

C7/T1 there is a right paracentral disc protrusion at this

level indenting the right side of the cord. The exiting C8

nerve roots escape without compression.

Conclusion:significantstenosisatC5/6,C6/7and C7/TI

with right to C6 nerve root compression.

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Avatar dr m tn
The spinal cord passes through the vertebra. The spinal cord supplies the nerve supply through spinal nerves to the whole of body and the sensation of hands and the part supplied at that level of cervical vertebra is defined.
As you are having problem in your spine as significant stenosis at C5/6,C6/7and C7/TI you are facing all the symptoms.
You have to go for the surgery and have a decompression and release of the pressure and then you will have relief from all your symptoms.
Best of luck!
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The Spinal Relief Pillow is helping keep your spine aligned while sleeping.This Spinal Relief Pillow has special shaped circular and articulated center giving you maximum comfort and performance.This treatmnet is helpul for neck cervical pain relief.
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