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chronic symptoms with no acute injury, sports related
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chronic symptoms with no acute injury, sports related

it began when i was at O.C.S. for the marines in the summer of 07. During the training and a few weeks after i came home, had a pain in my left tibia which i assumed was shin splints. Used the R.I.C.E. method and symptoms dissipated. Began a training regiment again and several weeks later symptoms returned. Same pro cautions taken along with fitting for new shoes. the symptoms dissipated again but returned when training resumed several weeks later and did not heal. in Feb. 08 sought medical attention with a round of X-Ray and MRI both were clean. over the next three years having the same problem as well as a mild pain in right tibia which happened gradually along with snapping hip and lower back pain. all symptomatic areas along with multiple test checking for various abnormalities in laboratory tests.
Results: Isthmic Spondylolisthesis Grade 1, 3mm no disc issues or movement on flexion or extension great lordic alignment and wide spinal canal( no nerve impingement or serious degeneration)
mri no tendon injuries or tears
clean bone scans
muscle compartment pressure tests positive four compartment left leg, two in right( some compartment going above 30 mm hg at rest. compartmental release Oct. 2010 (all compartment)
x ray- mild rear foot valgus bilateral

Lingering symptoms:
lower leg pain bilateral, chronic left lateral ankle sprains, medial left knee pain, lower back pain along the ilium ( med with back specialist and physiatrist : both don't thinks its the Spondylolisthesis) snapping right hip. noticeable deviation in bio-mechanics, since 08, probably why back hurts!

If anyone has any advice or possible causes i would immensely appreciate it. think I'm a little young for such a variety of painful areas, only 25, located in nyc ( in case anyone can refer a physician) seen about 30 various doctors
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. If all tests have come out clean and spondylolisthesis is the only issue detected, it could possibly be atleast partially responsible for your symptoms. Other possibilities that could be considered include perisotitis, neuro-muscular issue, micronutrient deficiencies etc. You may like to discuss these with your treating doctor. Meanwhile you may try physiotherapy and see if it helpful.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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