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dislocated hyoid bone
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dislocated hyoid bone

I'm looking for some advise or direction. I was advised by my GP today that I may have a dislocated hyoid bone.

For the past 2 months I've become aware of a clicking sound when I swallow - particularly a dry swallow. It depends on the angle of my head as to if I feel it or not. There is no pain or discomfort. It is just a bit annoying.
It doesnt affect my breathing or my ability to eat.

My GP has given me a referral to a ENT Doctor. She said I may need to get a camera (scope?) inserted to have a look or some xrays while swallowing! She said that she is not sure what they can do and said I may need to live with it.

I havent had any injury that I can remember to my neck. I just noticed it one evening. I am wondering what can cause it. I would also like to know are there any long term risks, and if there is anything I should ask the ENT Doc when I visit. I also dont like the idea of 'living with it' - and wondered how (potentially) this can be fixed.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi there!

Well, possible causes of clicking sound on swallowing include TMJ dislocation, eustachian tube issues, growths/ masses etc. or related issues. This is largely an area of expertise of an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) and a complete evaluation is suggested, as advised; for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. For details you may try re-posting the query in the ENT forum.
Hope this is useful.

Take care!
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I am currently talking with my ENT doctor about Resuspending my hyoid bone. He took my CT scan and said that he would email me if he could do the surgery. So, I am waiting for his answer.

Anyway, the bottom line is that
"DO NOT excise or remove your hyoid bone."
Hyoid bone is ESSENTIAL for normal body function, such as breathing, swallowing, speaking, and total balance of the body.
I assure the you guys also have the feeling of unbalance for the neck and face; suppose that you cut the portion of your hyoid bone.
It would worsen the feeling of unbalance and the other symptoms.
That is, RESUSPENDING or RECONSTRUCTING the dislocated bone is the only way to fix this problem. I am waiting for my doctor's answer.
So, once again, "DO NOT listen to any doctor who insist that he or she should cut the dislocated bone. DO NOT !!!!!
I really hope and pray that this post would help you guys.

P.S: my ENT physician is Dr. Robert Ward. He is at Cornell University.
       Even if he is at Pediatrician Department, he deals with the hyoid        bone dislocation. So, if it is hard for you guys to wait for my result, you could try to contact him by yourselves.
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