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hamstring injury for 2 years
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hamstring injury for 2 years

i am a rugby player and have been playin rugby for the last 6 years....2 years ago i suffered a hamstring injury and treated it with usual 'rice' treatment but meanwhile played the season too...i have since kept on playing and i have strapped my thigh with 'dynoplast' (a special form of plaster meant to strap injured parts of body)....i have gone for physioteraphy treatment and have met 5 specialist doctors of  orthopedics,physoterapists and sport doctors.
after all these i still feel the weakness in my hamstring at times when i try to do strenghtening excercises  the pain comes back badly...and i even find it hard to stretch ......i do stretch before every excercise or game i play ....and even havnt stopped playing ...but i want to know how can i get rid of this injury to be able to give my full on the field.?
i would be really glad if you could help me find a way out of this injury.

thank you.
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Hamstrings consist of three muscles viz. semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. Going by your symptoms you have Grade 1 symptoms of pulled hamstring.

As it is a chronic injury and you are able to stretch and exercise, I would suggest you to continue rehabilitation by stretching and strengthening exercises.
Exercise will ensure that any new material will be laid down in correct orientation thus reducing the risk of subsequent injuries.

You can take the help of an expert sports medicine expert for further assistance. (Ultrasound, massages and further stretches)

Take care!

thank you,

Doctor i want to know that wether this injury will affect me in the future or not?
whenever i excercise on my hamstrings i get a pain for couple of days and even find it hard to stretch am worried that the pain might worsen my injury if i continue excercising

i have taken massages ,ultrasound and etc. i use to take other medications too such as pain-killers and other nerve releasing tablets....but stoped they were kind of addictive.

is there a way to get back to normal,because i want to strenghten my hamstrings to make full use of them but the pain which i get after every excercise keeps me from doing it again for a couple of days......i would like to mention that the excercises are not even heavy they are very primitive and light.
please help me with this....i hope that this approach will be fruitful.

thank you  
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