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Help! I need some advice!
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Help! I need some advice!

Hello! Hopefully there will be someone out there that can help!

After going through hell a number of times, and nearly loosing my father every time, he received an ileostomy. He's finally able to eat and pass food again, which is a blessing! and the surgery has actually stuck to a certain degree (he keeps getting hernias even though he uses a hernia belt and they keep having to put him through surgery to fix it, but otherwise the surgeries are successes).

The problem is this: his skin is even more sensitive than mine. We're what I affectionately call "White Irish". To put it simply, even a shower with the wrong soap can make us break out in hives. I'm sure you can see where I’m going with this...

The skin under the thing that attaches the bag to him is red, sore, and constantly painful. Even though he's trying to treat the sore skin with creams after he removes it and before re replaces it, it's still a constant irritation and there are days where he is in such pain it's hard to watch. I've suggested to him to maybe try looking for a barrier type thing to put on his skin instead of the paste, but he's sceptical. Is there anything out there that would help with the situation?

I almost want to say to him to put on some of that "second skin" or "liquid bandage" stuff, or try to find a patch that has similar adhesive to those little things that they stick on you to give you an ECGs in hospitals (those things stick like nothing else, and I’ve had to leave them on for over a week and the only irritation I got was from the outside plastic rubbing occasionally).

He's only tried whatever it is his ET nurse has given him (honestly I don’t think she's that great because he's complained to her over the last year how much the skin hurts, but she hasn't provided a solution yet), and currently he is using a two piece system.

If anyone can also possibly provide help on what to do about the recurring hernias and the occasional stomach pains he gets when eating certain foods (he fears it wont pass, he uses fibre and sometimes laxatives, but I fear that using these things over the dozen years before he got the ostomy to pass food has made his body almost immune to them), would be very appreciated.

Thanks so much and hopefully someone out there can help!
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Hello!  Unfortunately I can not help with any advice on hernias since I haven't experienced that, as with the stomach pain I was told it is trial and error to figure out what will and won't hurt your stomach.  But I do know about skin problems. I have had an ileostomy bag for about 5 months now, and at around the end of the 1st month I had the same problem your father is experiencing with the skin irritation.  My ostomy nurse and I tried just about everything from powders to pastes to clear it up and nothing helped, actually felt like it was making it worse.   When I went for a check up to see my surgeon he suggested taking off the bag and covering the stoma with gauze to prevent letting it flow everywhere and put maalox on the infected area and let it air out for about 45 minutes.  I did that and afterwards put a thin layer of A & D ointment on it and within 2 days the skin around my stoma as well as other parts of my abdomen were almost completely healed.  I also started using "stomahesive" which is a paste that goes on the wafer around the stoma for extra protection from leakage. I hope this helps!!  I know just how horrible and miserable it can be with irritated skin!

- Danielle
The best way to get the skin to heal is to keep the waist from getting in behind the flange.
Unfortunately the weight of the Ostomy bag will alaways pull the flange seal off and couse irritation. He really needs to have a support belt to take off the constant pulling which is what seems to make the skin get irritated. The CWON at the Mayo Clinic Recommended me to get a "stealthbelt"  they make all sorts of custom styles so I'm sure they can help you out.
Another thing which will help is have him try to shcnge his flanges on a schedule rather than waiting until it gets irritated. once it starts to fall off it has already been exposing the waist fluids to the skin and has defintely been irritating that area for a while.
Hope this helps.
My wife  has an illy and she had the same problem with irritation and went to a different product.  We was using all the paste, barrier rings and found the perfect flange barrier.  What manurfacture are you using.  Ive tried Holister, Convetec, New Hope.  All gave her bad skin irritatation.  Well I found out its not the product causing the problem.  It was the waste breaking past the paste/rings! and staying on the skin behind the flange  We went to the NEW Convetec Esteem Synergy 2 piece convetion style wafer.  NO PASTE OR RING.  It adheves to the skin like you wouldn beleive.  Does not let waste get to skin (BIG PLUS) in skin irritation.  Its easy to change and last 3-5 days on flanges, al\though we change it in 3 days and when we pull off the flange its like we have to force it off so the wafer sticks so good, waste seems to break past the paste/rings easy.  She was going through flanges 1 a day  now 3 days w/o irritation.  http://www.convatec.com/en/cvtus-productsus/cvt-products/0/bybrand/1537/399/0/products.html/undefined?franchise=46&family=52&typesearch=184  
Here is the link to tis product just copy snd paste it
My problem as well as with many ostomates is loose skin on stomach from lossing 130 lbs so the stomach is not exactly a body builders ab lol.  Another tip id use paper tape to border the edges of the flsnge.  Like a picture frame around the flange.  It has all to do with the preperation.  If you have any questions email us and we can exchange info to phone for better commuications.  I am Richard her husband and do all her maint. We wish you the best of luck and we dom different things to secure the seal mso email.  ***@****

GOOD Luck  I hope I didnt bore ya with long post
Hi, i cant offer much help im afraid but i totally agree with what the others have written, i have a temp illy and a hernia underneath which makes sticking the bag on awkward, one thing i have found out thou since having this 6 months ago is certain food and drink can cause more sting than others, and also if i start to sting around my stoma, its normally a sign that my bag needs changing and even thou it hasnt leaked, some waste has got to my skin. A friend of mine was in constant agony with sore skin around his stoma and found things like orange juice aggrevated it. Its just a thought, and i hope you find a solution soon.
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