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Looking for surgeon in Austin TX
I am having very frequent episodes of diverticulitis.   I need both to find a surgeon to treat it surgically, and find a surgeon who is in my health plan/ health plan that includes the surgeon - by mid November.

I have been on what passes for health care for the indigent and uninsured in Austin, Texas, and proper care has not even been an option.  Beginning January 1 I will have health insurance, and I need to find a surgeon to remove the diseased colon.   I also need to choose an insurance policy that includes this doctor.   Now, I can only afford the low end plans.   These include an Aetna PPO, Cigna, and Superior Ambetter, maybe one or two others.    Mostly HMOs, and Aetna's out of network deductible makes going out of network not an option.  Austin, Texas, has just one outfit of colorectal surgeons, and they aren't in any of these plans.  

I know that having diseased colon removed for diverticulitis may not necessitate a colostomy as sometimes they can join healthy ends of colon together.  However, it is for certain that anyone who HAS HAD a colostomy for diverticulitis, found a surgeon who both can and will removed diseased colon for diverticulitis.

I have been getting quite a runaround, possibly because I was on indigent care resources, granted, but I'm also seeing where there's some kind of growing bias in the field against actually treating diverticulitis.   It's very strange; to begin with, if you even want to think about surgery, you have to have your doctor send you directly to a surgeon, because no gastroenterologist will ever even entertain the notion of surgery for diverticulitis.   I can see not removing the sigmoid colon if one has ONE bout, but I've had four in one year and it never quite went away, and the germs are becoming resistant to the only antibiotic used to treat this problem I can tolerate - and you'd be AMAZED what proportion of doctors won't listen to what the patient tell sthem about their intolerances of partcular drugs.  

I need to find a surgeon who is going to provide surgery and not a runaround.  Someone who knows the doctor who did surgery on them certainly knows who that would be.

Would anyone who lives in Austin, Texas, and has had surgery for diverticulitis, PLEASE get in touch with me, PRIVATELY, at ***@****.  Posting on the board might not be allowed, besides, since this is a forum where people write for help, almost certainly someone will flame me about my health care decisions; you know how it goes.  ;)   I'd like to keep the actual flow of information separate or there won't be any.   Please tell me the name of the doctor and how satisfied you were with him or her.   The name of the primary care doctor who sent you to this surgeon would be very helpful as well.    If you were particularly pleased or displeased at how well the surgeon did the job, that would be useful to know.  

Thanks alot!
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