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I have an ostmy applance.  I have great difficulty keeping it on.  It seems that neither the nurse of myself can place the appliance in a way that it will not leak.  Right now I am doing :
1.  Prep the wafer. (a) I measure the stoma and cut a hole into the wafer to accommodate the size of the stoma.
                           (b) place the wafer on the bag and snap it like tupperware
                           (c) open holess in the bag. ( just spread them open to catch urine)
                           (d) add a ring of Stomahesive around the opening of the wafer.
2. Prep myself:     (a) remove old wafer and bag.
                           (b) clean the stoma and the area around the stoma.  Let dry.
                           (c) spread a "sticky" protective barrier around the stoma
3.  Place appliance   I place the appliance over the stoma.  I then remove the paper from the bottom of the wafer and press the appliance against my stomach.

Most often after a few hours the appliance seperates frm my skin and leaks.  Mainly it opens at the lower right hand corner of the aplainance.  It has opened near the left top,
Any advise on how to prevent it frm loosing the seal?
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i have an ilio. i take my wafer and put it under my leg to warmit up. i dont put bag on till after wafer is attached.take finger all around wafer to make sure it stuck then apply bag ,,snap. i try to avoid bending for awhile so it can adhere good. hope this helps
you might want to try barrier wipes instead of all that paste
I had an Illeostomy procedure over 2 years ago. Up until 4 months ago there was no  problem. Then leakage began. My husband assists me if needed. My Stoma protrudes somewhat. The leakage at times causes itching, burning and redness around stoma. We have been able to control the itching and soreness by applying a roll on cortisone available over the counter. I use a 2 part appliance-Wafer and attachable Bag. I shower before applying a new setup.I am thoroughly dry and usually lie down to replace appliance. If the area around the Stoma is not red or irritated we apply Stoma Powder, and also try various methods of paste which has proven not to correct problem. We now use Barrier Rings which we stick to the Flange. The entire procedure is done methodically and carefully. Yet there are leakage problems, which is occurring more frequently. We are now looking into consistancy of excretion. As the I now finf that there is a build-up of excretion at the opening of the Flange, and not flowing down into the Bag properly.Very frustrating and affecting activities.
Anyone with similiar situation? What has worked for you?
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