Calcified Ovarian Cysts
by bellasmommy, May 01, 2006
Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I went to OB/GYN because of very short irregualr menstrual cycles with long and very heavy bleeding.  She sent my for an U/S which I just got the results of today  - she said I have a small fibroid (which I am not to concerned about), but she also said I had 2 cysts on my right ovary with some calcification.  She scheduled my for another U/S on June 5th.  All she said is that they are usually benign??  I am a bit concerned because of the calcification.  I also have a history of infertility and endometriosis... I am 30 years old with one child.  I also have no energy, low back pain with period and heavy clotting and a complete lack of sex drive.

Has anyone else had these similar symptoms and diagnosis?  Did you have surgury?  Anything you can tell me... I feel a bit confused and nervous!

Thanks so much for your help!!
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by bellasmommy, May 01, 2006
Ooops - I also forgot to mention that I was on Clomid for a while about 4 years ago.   I don't know if that could contribute to getting ovarian cysts.  

by livertrans, May 01, 2006
I know that fibroids often have calcifications as they age.  Maybe this holds true for long term ovarian cysts.  As to clomid it can cause functional cysts.(meaning when you try to ovulate you form a cyst).  One of the problems that women go one clomid for is Polycystic Ovarion Disease.  This would show multipl cysts on the ovaries.  I know I took clomid to get pregnant years ago.  At one point I developed a fair size cyst that they thought was a dermoid cyst.  Afte coming of off clomid for a few months the cyst when away so that proved that it was just a response to the clomid.  My only child(a son) will be 22 years old soon.  When I tried a second time the clomid would not work as my hormones were so far out of wack that some more interventional methods may have been the only thing that could help me get pregnant again.  My husband I and decided that we were lucky to have one and called it quits.  I know in recent years that I have read that there may be some conection to clomid forming ovarian cysts later in life.  I don't think that they have found anything conclusive, yet. If you do an internet search for clomid and ovarian cysts you will see all sorts of (over kill) information about this.
by MickeyVicki, May 01, 2006
Calcification in an ovarian cyst is really nothing more than a reaction to inflammation.  There was a time when calcification was taken as a sign of possible malignancy so you might find reports along that line on the internet --- however, with the increased use of new and easy imaging techniques, doctors are now seeing these things all the time, and  doctors have learned that calcification is NOT an indication of malignancy.  So, don't let anything that you read frighten you needless.

Also, you have the classic symptoms of hormonal disruptions and irregularities.  

If the cysts are found to be resolved (gone, gone away) in the next ultrasound report, then you will not need further consideration for them. However, if the cysts do not resolve on their own or begin to grow larger, then your doctor will likely discuss surgical options with you.

Last but not least, Clomid use was once believed to increase the chances of developing ovca.  However, a study released last year indicates that is not the case, and that Clomid  users have no greater risk that many other women.  There is a rather long 'grocery list' of statistics that affect the risk of developing ovca.