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Ct Scan results
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Ct Scan results

Hi to everyone,

I have a few questions I hope someone can answer.

My moms history
54 years old
post menopausal
history of fibroids, 2004 Dr. said slight fibroid growth, referred to sur/onc who said she was OK, fibroid only 3 cm
yearly gyno visits
normal pap last month
No family history of cancers in her immediate family, and no female cancers in her family
Normal CBC
Normal chest x-ray - 2/06 and 5/06
Normal abdominal ct scan - yesterday

Yesterday she went in to the ER, for kidney pain. They performed a pelvic/abdominal CT scan. Abdomen showed small inflammation, she has always had it and had a subsequent colonoscopy (negative) Also, Dr. said 2 cm pelvic mass to follow up with ultrasound.

My question is, can the mass be leftover fibroids she had. She had 3 fibroids largest 3cm. My biggest concern Dr., is that slight fibroid growth in 04.  If this would have been leiomyosarcoma, would something greater than a 2 cm pelvic mass would have been found in yesterdays CT scan? This is my biggest concern, please help.

Can the pelvic CT scan visulaize the uterus also or only ovaries?

ALso, if it is an ovarian mass, is 2cm too big?

I am so scared reading all the internets sites saying most masses after menopause are malignant.

I want to feel confident her fibroid was OK from 2004, becasue if it had malignant degeneration would it have shown up on CT scan...Only thing showed was 2 cm mass, which is smaller than the last time her fibroid was checked at 3 cm

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Hi There,

I would suggest that your mother ask her doctor about getting a pelvic ultrasound to further evaluate the uterus and ovaries. CT scan is not the best test for this and it is hard to compare sizes between ultrasound and CT scan.

Leiomyosarcoma is not a diagnosis that can be made by x rays. If a woman has rapidly growing fibroid ( ie: doubling in size every 3 to 6 months) that is an indication for a hysterectomy. Most growing fibroids are benign, only less than 1 percent will turn out to be malignant

best wishes to you
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