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Enlarged ovary + post menopause?
Hi all,

I'm 53 with an enlarged ovary, by doctor report.  It's been 3 years or so since my last period.  The quick question is - can a post-menopausal woman have an enlarged ovary that is NOT ovarian cancer???  

Here's the story - in an annual exam earlier this past week, my doc expressed some concern, as she felt my left ovary was enlarged. She recommended a sonogram and some blood work, which I shrugged and said, "why not!"  I asked what an enlarged ovary might indicate (dumb me) and she said rather boldly, "ovarian cancer." I smiled, and shrugged dismissively...thinking to myself, "Okay....right.  AS if!"

Yet I did the good patient thing and had both blood and sonogram done by the end of this week. Prior to the appointment the hospital called informing me that because I had not met my deductible, the $1600. procedure would be my responsibility to pay.  Gasp. Cough. Cough.  Last time I had a sonogram, I'm pretty sure the fee was somewhere in the $500. range.  What's up?  

Well, when I arrived for testing I was quite surprised to find that the sonogram recommended was not just external -  as I discovered "on the table"  - but also inter-vaginal.  And damned if that wand up the uterus was really uncomfortable when encountering my left ovary.  No the technician did not reveal anything.

So here I am, on a weekend, between a Friday am test and a Monday or Tues. possible doc feedback call.   That would be fine and dandy, if not for the internet.  However, all internet searches regarding an "enlarged" ovary in a post menopausal woman suggest only one thing - ovarian cancer.

Anyone out there reading this who can be helpful?

Many thanks,

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They really should have explained the whole transvaginal ultrasound test. I'm afraid I would have kicked someone across the room if they'd been that sneaky. Even when I did have my TVUS, I was pretty tense and ready to react. If it eases your mind any, it only goes in a few inches into the vagina, not way up into the uterus. I know the wand is very long but I think that's so the tech can stay back a bit from your body parts.

My doctor was more subtle about the fat cyst I had. I thought my bloating and fatigue was due to my goofy heart. When she said she was going to send me for abdominal ultrasounds, I caught on pretty quickly. But she never said the "C" word.

For your peace of mind, I'm also post menopausal, had a 10 cm cyst on my ovary. Like you, I thought my ovaries had shut down. Where the heck did this come from? But I had surgery, had my cyst, ovary and tube removed and everything was fine. No hint of cancer. So yes, there can be happy endings.
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