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Mucinous borderline tumor
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Mucinous borderline tumor

I had surgery to remove two cysts and my left ovary the pathology came back as a mucinous borderline tumor and surface serous cystadenoma. I have seen a gyn/ob onologist and he said it was not cancer and that he suggest the right ovary be removed too with follow ups for the next two years every six months. Is this the right diagnosis. I'm not sure and still seem to be nervous about this any help would be great.
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Hi, I am new to this posting thing. I just came across it tonight because I was trying to find info on complex cysts. Long story short....
I was told over a year ago that I had a simple cyst on right ovary. My ob/gyn said it was not a problem and would resolve itself by bursting within next couple of cycles. I continued to be uncomfortable and told her something was not feeling right.  Finally after months, she agreed to send me for an ultrasound. Found out last week that it is a complex cyst and is now 7 cm and must come out asap. She sent me for cat scan and wants me to see ob/gyn oncologist that will be present at time of surgery in case.  I see him tomorrow. I had cat scan last week and the tech showed me that my cyst had bone in it (which makes sense since complex cysts can have any kind of human tissue in them.....like hair, teeth, etc....wow, who knew) Anyway, I wish I had more knowledge and could answer your questions and put your mind at ease. I can say this....I don't know about your diagnosis but I was told that when they take my cyst out...if it looks "borderline" tumor, they will automatically take my other ovary out. (They are taking the right ovary out because the cyst has wrapped around it)
I hope you find answers soon. Maybe a second opinion would help clarify your results. I know it is a hassle to spend more time and effort and wait but I have seen the effort well worth it in the end. Your health is top priority and sometimes we have to be our own advocate because things get overlooked or misdiagnosed all of the time. Whatever you do, I hope that you will be proactive if you are  feeling unsettled about this. You are important!!!
I will keep you in my prayers! Please trust your gut and find the answers you need.
I wish for you much peace and comfort at this time! Be well!
Borderline ovarian serous tumors,  depending on what the pathology report says will depend on the course of treatment. Removal of the mass and staging is done just as if they would do for any of the ovarian cancers. You should find out if they did a cell mitotic rate index on the path report. A high mitotic rate can mean a more agressive form of ovarian cancer. "he said it is not cancer", there is a missconception that borderline tumors and a fdew other ovarian tumors are not ovarian cancer which is false. They are a very slow growing form of ovarian cancer, if removed intgact and all biopsies are neg then there is a goood chance it will never return. But discuss this with your GYN/Oncologist.
But I also believe these cancers have a high rate of long term survival.
You should get copies of all reports and discuss in depth with your GYN/Oncologist> It is imperative that you are being treated by a GYN/Oncologist as studies have shown a much better long term survival when you are treated by the specialist> What did the cytology of the perionieal cavity show? Ask your gyn if they removed the cyst/mass intact???
You have found a great site with some very knowlegable people on it. Post with any other questions you may have.
I wish you al the best
Hi.  There is a lot of controversy re whether borderline tumors are or are not cancer.  Even doctors within MD Anderson and Johns Hopkins disagree.  So one can't absolutely say it is true or false when even the experts cannot agree.

You have written that your tumor was mucinous (not serous).  However, the treatment seems to be the same and the prognosis is good.  

Your gyn oc took the same road mine did (I was diagnosed with serous borderline, stage 1C, two years ago).  I initially went for check-ups every 3 months and am now going every 6 months.  

The one thing I have noticed with everyone posting on this board is that long term issues depend on the extent of the surgery.  For example, I chose to have everything out (TAH/BSO).  But I was in my fifties.  Younger women who want to preserve their fertility often opt for a lot more conservative surgery, but they also seem to have more complications later on.

You should discuss this with your doctor very openly.  I asked my doctor what he would advise his sister to do and he told me -- get it all out.

Good luck!
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