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My charity and Becky
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My charity and Becky

I was going to wait until I finished school before chomping at the bit but October seems like an age away. So I am coming back up for air for a second just to tell you guys about the English charity I am involved in. Its called Ovarian Cancer action the link is


It is a farily new organisation but its fabulous and a few celebs are getting involved. I am organising a fund raising event the weekend after next so wish me luck for that!

Also Becky I was wondering whether you might like to give me your story - if its to much then I totally understand. I have been kind of plucking up the courage to ask for a little while now but not sure how you would react. I would like to get your story across here in England by perhaps - if you didnt mind - sending it to the charity magazine. I would also like to use it to help get peoples stingy old wallets open for future fund raising events.

Let me know what you think my darling!

Oh and might I just add that my 13 year old son is constantly asking me how you are. He says he wants to help sell my pin badges next fornight because of you!

Love and all my thoughts to all my cysters

Anna x

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Anna... Of course I would love to share my story! I swore way back when, that I would tell whomever would listen because if it helps just one woman, then It's worth it. Please let me know more about how to get it to you and what format it should be in. I've never actually written my story, but another lady who runs a webite here for young women diagnosed with Breast Cancer asked me to share my story with her so she could put it on her site too. I've also been asked to speak at a NOYS conference (Network Of Young Survivors) and, quite honestly, have no idea where to start! This gives me even more of a reason to start writing! Thank you, as well, for being so involved in an Ovarian Cancer organization - I think it's so important to get the word out about this horrible disease and have women be aware of the symptoms of it. Your efforts are so appreciated, especially from those of us who have walked the walk.
I think I actually have your email address (remember when your fingers slipped - oops!) I just have to make sure I wrote it down! If not, I'll let you know!
Take care,
p.s. your son is a doll - I hope my son is as considerate when he is that age!
Anna-Maria you are absolutely wonderful.  How great is it that you are working so hard for such a worthy cause.  What you are doing will benefit so many women.  And Becky...kudos to you for sharing your story.  You will open the eyes of so many and I know that many women will be spared the horrors of this terrible thing we call ovca.  You two are my heros.

OOPS, my fingers slipped!  Anna, your name came up the other day o the Battalion site, come join us!  Becky goes there too and no slips necessary! MV
Yeah get thee to the site now wench!

Checked it out and it's a wonderful website.  I'm thinking about things to do.  I quite fancy climbing a mountian but nothing too strenuous - Snowdon maybe.  Or going on a run.

Take care, Ursula xx
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