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I am a 42 yr old female with very, very irregular periods never had any pain and if I did it was mostly on right side if I turned a certain way, but very infrequent. I know I've gained a lot of weight, but I did not think it was related to a tumor found on my rt ovary.

A few weeks ago, my right ovary was removed. I was told the left ovary and after the D/C the uterus looked good too, so the surgery went well. I was showed pictures too. I am almost healed, but a week ago my doctor told me the Pathology came back showing that the right ovarian tumor showed signs of cancer. The path report stated FIGO 1 borderline tumor. Doctor is now recommending to remove right ovary and uterus. I asked her are we 100% sure the left is bad, and her reply was she would NOT know unless the pathology is done, but everything is out already. I just had surgery and my gut instinct is telling me NO WAY! I've been pregnant once during my teens, but I had an abortion. I want to preserve my little fertility that I might have plus my hormones because from what I read other problems occur once hormones are gone. I feel confused, guilty, sad and angry with myself. This was a big blow for me.

I am seeking a few more opinions because I am very confused. The CA test was normal, and MD has me on Provera
although not sure how long. I am planning to exercise more and take my Metformin medication more regularly
because I was not really taking it because of the side affects. I will do my part in staying healthy believe me, but not knowing for sure what's what and no pain on my end, just the irregular periods I am not ready to make a big decision like this especially in 2weeks. I wonder if I am just avoiding it, denial or what. The left ovary at this time measures 2cm along with other numbers, but I do not think it's as big as the right one was.....

This is my first time talking about this, and I am hoping for your advice. If you have a moment, please share. Thank you for your time.

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