Ovarian Cyst and Leg Pain
by TeenaMarie, Dec 28, 2006
I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary and was told to have another ultra sound done in 6 weeks.  The second ultrasound showed that the complex cyst was smaller than on the previous ultra sound therefore nothing else needs to be done.  Since then I have begun having sharp pains in the groin area that raidiate down my right leg along with some rectal pain.  This happens several times a day.  Could this be from the complex cyst and can a cyst shrink and then grow again? I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

Thanks for sharing!
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by Gatsby, Dec 28, 2006
I had the very same pain!  This type of pain seems to be common with ovarian cysts.  Although small, they can press on nerves causing pain.  I see you are on the watch and wait.  I suggest that you seek a 2nd opinion with a gyn/onc.  Not because of cancer, but because they are specialists in the female reproductive area and have seen it all.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
by lilly64, Dec 28, 2006
I posted this comment in another section, but I'll reiterate it here for you.  Last week, I thought I had a kidney stone - that is how bad the pain is. CT showed no stone, but a 3 cm cyst on my right ovary. Then had US that showed a smaller cyst on my right ovary but the dr. said it's probably not causing the pain.  However, like Gatsby's comments, these can sit on the smallest of nerves and cause quite a bit of pain.  My dr. is in no hurry to evaluate it and did not seem to be concerned about the extreme pain I'm in (and still in 2 weeks later). My lower back and groin area are very painful, sometimes, i can hardly walk.  And the pain is now on both sides of my back and both sides of the groin area.  Who knows????  Good luck with getting some answers.
by lilly64, Dec 28, 2006
Sorry, one more thing.  I also have pain in both legs, almost cramping-like, sometimes worse than other times.  I'm a mess!
by Best59, Dec 28, 2006
No you are not... I have a same pain. I'm waiting for the results back.
by SimplyStar, Dec 28, 2006
Just a hint, cold scatters, heat gathers.  Cold is good to scatter the pain, but it often just sends it somewhere else. Heat draws blood to the area, we have tried alternating heat/cold. With some pain it seems to help. There are tablets that my daughter uses in the shower that seems to relax her alot. Aromic therapy. Also the aromatic candles. At the pain clinic they told her that if you understand your pain and work with it, it will ease up. She is going for massage once a week now. Her insurance is covering it  because the Doc ordered it. She uses the medicine ball daily at home to prevent the adhesions. She was on pain pills for  2 weeks post op, then only when she felt she really needed one. Takes an occasional tylenol now, but says she is pain free 99% of the time.
by urbangal, Dec 28, 2006
I agree with all the above. I had all the same pains with my cyst and the doc's all said it was not related(even had a spinal x-ray because of tailbone pain). Anyway, don't be fooled they can and do cause pain all over the abodomen and pelvis(and back).Fun whow!
by SimplyStar, Dec 28, 2006
Compare this pain to the rupture of the ovarian follicle that occurs each month with ovulation. Those are called "monthly cramps"  they are minute compared to a cyst, since most men don't do the monthly thing, ha ha ha,  how in the hell do they know about the pain?  The pain associated with cysts/tumors is real and needs to be dealt with in a humane fashion. If waiting for them to shrink, or a surgical removal, or post surgery  a women needs relief from the pain. Insist on pain relief from the medical field. If you have a pain clinic in your town and the pain is keeping you from your normal activity, give them a call. Pain is a symptom of the body trying to tell you something. My daughters onoco refered her to the pain clinic here in our city. My one concern is though, if you do take pain killers, take them sensibly, do not get an addiction. My heart goes out to all of you, "A womans work is never done" but when pain interfers, that work darn hard to do.
by utahmomma, Dec 28, 2006
Exact same pain every time I've had ovarian cysts.  It lets you know where your "pelvic floor" is, doesn't it!  (Try explaining it to a man, THAT'S fun).  The only thing that helped me ease the pain was ice packs on my lower abdomen all day (and night).  I did this (with doctor's orders) for every cyst and after each surgery for those cysts.  

Oh, and my last Ob/GYN (the only one I've found here worth his degree) said that cysts *DO* stretch the ligaments holding the fallopian tubes and ovaries and *CAN* cause excruciating pain from mid-abdomen through the pelvic floor and down both legs.  This after two female OB/GYNs told me cysts don't hurt - even when they rupture.  (I felt bad wishing ovarian cysts on them but I'll get over it) :-)
by lilly64, Dec 29, 2006
Thanks for the comments.  I had been taking vicoprofen for a neck disc compression, but that really doesn't help this pain much at all.  I'm supposed to have fusion surgery at the end of January for that, but not too hip on jumping into any surgery.  In the case of all the hot/cold packs, aroma candles, etc., I hardly have time to go to the bathroom during the day, much less take care of myself.  I have 3 girls - 15, 10, and 20 months and a husband, a household to run, and work part time at home for 3 different companies.  I don't think massage or proper time for myself is in the cards right now.  That's what sucks about it.  Funny how my husband threw out his shoulder a couple weeks ago, and, wow, couldn't do anything, including picking up the baby.  We woman have to just suck it up and find something to quickly ease the pain (take a pill, basically) and get on with the day!  So, I'll be lucky to even get to another Dr. in the near future.  Has taken me a year to even get to the neurologist and then the testing to figure out what was wrong with my neck.  I laughed in his face when he told me "no lifting after neck surgery for 2 weeks, and expect about a 3 - 9 month recovery!  I might as well leave the country because neither is going to happen.  Will wait til the kids are gone and just keep taking that quick fix for now.  What else is a woman to do?!