Ovary Pain and Back Pain -- please help
by sailaway926, Jul 11, 2005
I'm 20 years old and have always had healthy periods and no ovary related problems, but recently that's changed.  For the past 2 months, I've been having some really strange ovary and lower back pain.  Some days it's worse than others but it's pretty much always there.  The pain isn't really that bad (I'd describe it a 4 out of 10), but it still really bothers me.  It's kind of like an achy feeling that I also feel in my lower back and sometimes my leg.  The pain seems to fluctuate from my right ovary to my left ovary but currently I'm only feeling pain in my left.  I've also been feeling really tired lately and have headaches (in the back of my head)  I've had a few cases of diahrea recently and feel kind of bloated and not very hungry.  Also, over the past 2 or 3 months, it also seems like my periods are becoming shorter and lighter.  Last month, my period only lasted  for about a day (with a little bit of spotting on the second day)

I am very concerned because I've been reading up on ovarian pain and all my symptoms seem to point to ovarian cancer....  I went to the gynocologist for a check up a few months ago but did not mention any of this because it did not exist back then.  I hope and pray to God that it's nothing serious.  Should I see the doctor right away or wait it out?  Like I said, the pain isn't too bad but the whole situation is strange....

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by r2fant2002, Jul 11, 2005
Anytime you have a sudden change in your periods, it is a good idea to have it checked out.  If you call your GYN's office and tell them you are having problems, they should have you come it.  Most of the time they can do a pelvic or vaginal ultrasound to rule out anything serious.  Even something as simple as a fluid filled cyst (or several of them) could cause these symptoms.  Don't worry until they give you something to worry about.  But-I would call them right away to see if they can get you in.  Best of luck~keep us posted!
by confused from TX, Sep 04, 2005
Hi, I am 35 years old and had a partial hysterectomy in October of 2004.  my symptoms were problem periods, pelvic pain,lower back pain, and an enlarged uterus,  After my hysterectomy my syptoms seemed to be better.  Now i am having lower back pain, and pelvic pain once again.  It also, seems to be painful sometimes during intercourse.  I also seem to be bloated and have a lot of gas, and tired much of the time.  My husband seems to think maybe something else was wrong before and i didn't need the hysterectomy in the first place and maybe my doctor didn't take all the needed steps to diagnose me properly.  Could these be signs of something much worse?  If anyone has any information regarding this please let me know.
by beissy, Aug 02, 2007
im 20yrs old, im a college student. im beissy.... i write here bec. i dont know wat 2 do. i have a problem in my ovarian. i have an ultrasound then we find that i have a ceas in my lef ovary, and the doctor told me that i will never have a baby when i married bec. me uterus also have a problem...i always cry in the night bec. i cant handle my problem, aug.30 is my operation, i m nervous. iplz give an advice
by SimplyStar, Aug 02, 2007
Run  don't walk and find another doctor, this one appears to be messing around with you.  Get a second opinion NOW, many women have children with only 1 ovary,  You need to find a reputable doctor and have them look closer at your scan results, he cannot tell you this from just looking at the scan. Many cysts can be taken care of without surgery.  Please get that specialist to look for you before you let any one remove an ovary  because of a cyst at your young age.
by natashaisaacson, Nov 09, 2009
I've also have been having problems with my ovaries. It started two years ago after I had my daughter. 4 months after having her i started to bleed, it lasted for 10 months. The doctors did an ultrasound and found a "growth" on my ovaries, they didnt follow up on it.  The bleeding slowly decreased then stopped since then i have 2 or 3 periods a month. I do pass clots and tissue with almost every period. I have had SEVERE pelvic and lower back pain these last couple months. I feel nauseas a lot and have very irregular bowel movements. My husband and i cant have intercourse because it hurts and i bleed everytime we do. I always feel bloated and the pains are always there (dull) but every once in awhile they are sharp and stabbing. I do have a family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. I dont know what it could be for sure and the doctors are kind of jerking me around. Does anyone have any idea what to do or what it could be?!?!?!
by thegreatrobinski, Nov 14, 2009
Hi, it sounds like it could be endometriosis. You absolutely sould go to the Dr. again (possibly one who takes you more seriously) It sounds as though something is pressing on your bowell, and that could be several things, some not too serious, others more serious. Please get checked !