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Stage III ovarian cancer, CA-125 2308
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Stage III ovarian cancer, CA-125 2308

Has anyone whose had ovarian cancer, Stage III had a CA-125 cancer marker test above 2308 before they started Doxil chemo theray?  After the first round of chemo, what was the CA-125 marker test results?  After the second round? Third?  Fourth?  Fifth?  Sixth?

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First everyone is different.  Yours will go up or down for you no one else.  I have stage IV with mets to liver and diaphram.. my highest ca125 was 370.  Others on here are living well with 50000 yes fifty thousand... it goes down depending on you individually.. much luck to you....
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My wife had stage IV in September and CA 125 history is as follows.
She continues doing well.

About 3800 to begin in September 2007
One month after surgery about 365
Two weeks later about 320
After 1st chemo about 185
After 2nd chemo about 135
After 3rd chemo about 65
After 4th chemo about 45

In addition to conventiuonal medicine she completely changed her diet:

2 glasses of carrot juice freshly made: one  first thing in am and one late afternoon
1 glass of green leaf juice freshly made at midday (Gerson green juice)
oatmeal and cooked apples for breakfast

LUNCH and DINNER as follows:
salad with many ingredients with flax oil & vinegar dressing
special vegetarian soup (Gerson Hippocrates soup)
2 cooked vegetable dishes w/o salt or oil - great variety of vegetables used
potato or brown rice - plain with no seasoning or salt
stewed fruit or raw sometimes
occasionally miso soup with a bit of tofu added
fish one time per week
Kukicha or Peppermint tea
Spring Water throughout the day as needed

Once chemo is done she will also embrace coffee enemas again
which are part of the Gerson Therapy.  During two weeks prior to surgery
she did nine juices and 3 coffee enemas per day plus the Gerson meals.
After surgery no enemas for about a month and then one each day with three
juices per day until chemo started.   During chemo she only did the food
program below and no enemas, although the Gerson literature suggests
one enema per day along with 3 juices if doing chemo.

You can learn more at:
www.gerson.org where they have a free online movie.

It does seem everyone is different.  My wife feels strongly that she
is getting good results by using the diet change along with the
conventional medicine.  And she feels it will be very very important to maintain a remission once she achieves it.

We have found some stage IV ovarian cases with
women around the world who have done
this type of combined approach and are out 12 to 16 years without recurrence.

BenFranklin (still around, still enlightening fellow citizens)
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Doxil chemo usually doesn't start bringing the numbers down until after the 2nd or 3rd treatment.  My daughters counts were never that high, but the Doxil is bringing hers down slowly and seems to have stablized her lesions.
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As all of you know when you are on treatment for any illness, you follow your doctors orders , and always ask before taking any OTC treatments that might conteract what he/she has perscribed for you.  I believe from reading about this treatment that it could be very harmful  for those on chemo for OVCA, the coffee enemas will irrate the colon and will dehydrate you.  the other mentions products may interfer with your chemo.
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I am interested in hearing more about your wife and her diet,,,can you change your color to blue so that those of us that are interested in including alternatives in our quest for a cure, can leave you personal messages/email you directly?? This also allows us to view any previous post you may have shared here. Think you need to join the community to do this.
This way we don't upset some members, violate any of the forum rules and give those of use who are interested, an opportunity to look into other options like the one your wife has chosen to follow.
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Top 10 Dangers of the Coffee Enema
The dangers associated with the coffee enema, green tea enema, coffee colonic (coffee or tea high enema), and coffee or tea suppository are as follows:

Adding ingredients to the enema recipe (such as coffee, green tea, vinegar, baking soda, bath/epsom salt, or minerals) is not proven to do anything superior to the effects of plain saline.
Inserting anything into the anus may result in anal tearing.
Re-used (instead of single use) enema kits may carry bacteria, which could result in an infection.
Use of hot liquid in the rectum could result in serious internal burns.
Extensive use of enemas could result in dehydration.
Overuse of coffee enemas could result in electrolyte imbalances.
The caffeine in the coffee or tea enema may lead to caffeine addiction.
Caffeine enemas must be avoided by pregnant women and people with caffeine sensitivity.
Overuse of any type of device designed to temporarily excite the nerves of the colon (such as an enema, colonic, or suppository) could result in decreased function of the bowels.
The colonic does not magically remove cancer-causing toxins. It will create watery stool and stimulate the release of fecal matter from the last few inches of the lower bowel. Do not forgo licensed medical attention in favor of this dangerous alternative.
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There are two Australian women whom I've met, who are 12 and 16 years out with Stage 4 OvCa, and they haven't changed their diets at all. Just eat healthy...plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and  stress-free lifestyles. I'm doing the same, and feeling fine.
I guess it's a personal choice re diet and what seems to be the best course to take. Wishing everyone well....Helen...
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I have many questions and after my appt today even  more
my routine physical last week included my ca125 and trans vag u/s
I am 40this year , history of cer/ov/col/ breast cancers in my immediate family and today my doc told me my test came back with a number 49
on that test, blood in my urine and well a few "interesting looking" cysts on my right ovary
she said ...we will reexamine in 3 weeks for the us and redo the blood then also.
My sis is going to the oncolgist tomorrow as they found a lesion under her butt cheek and now I am freaking out.
any suggestions and good reading as 3 weeks from now seems like for ever...
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