Stomach Bloating after Laproscopic Cyst Removal Surgery
by nylasammi, May 13, 2006
Can anyone tell me how long the stomach bloating lasts after laproscopic surgery?  I had the surgery to remove two dermoid cysts on Thursday and my stomach still feels like a rock?  The pain isn't even as bad as the stomach stretching sensation.
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by MickeyVicki, May 13, 2006
How are your bowels functioning?  Any constipation, extra flatulance, diarrhea, or indigestion?
by RavenLady, May 13, 2006
Welcome to the Forum and the Recovery Side (RS as we call it)Nylasammi!  I had a dermoid out last November!  That was open surgery but did have a lap to have my tubes tied and recall that dang bloating!  Painful!  Especially in the shoulders for me.  A friend told me to try hot tea, I hate tea but tried it and it did seem to help!  I recall most of the bloating resolving within a week and a half.  Drop by Cyber Party Nyla!  We'd love to have you!  Mary V
by Krull1, May 13, 2006
Hi there, My lap was last Friday and although I felt pretty in a few days and even better this week until this morning. I woke up with some bloating and pain so don't know what's going on. Maybe yesterday I did to much trying to get some planting done. So give it some time and take it easy! I do like hot tea and it does seem to help. Take care!
by nylasammi, May 14, 2006
I tried the tea and it does seem to help a bit.  My bowels have started to function more normally.  I am sure this means that I am on the road to recovery?  I have been chewing a lot of gum which I have heard speeds up the whole digestive system function back to normal?  Not sure if this is true?  Stomach feels a little bit better today.  It just seems that the time frame they give for recovery is a bit long.  I am thinking that I am going to go crazy sitting around the house for two more weeks!  

Thanks for all your support!
by turtledovemom, May 16, 2006
As he was leaving after rounds the morning after surgery, my surgeon presented me with a pack of gum to chew.  I guess this is the routine at MSK as it helps to promote bowel activity.  Not sure why, but far be it from me to turn my back to anything that will get activity going in that region.
by wubbie3, May 26, 2006
Tea and hot packs.... those helped me after sx with the gas and bloating. Plus I used a Maalox/Gas-X product that helped with both ends. Still difficult BM's, but getting easier with that stuff.
by amu105, May 22, 2009
4 days back only my laproscopy &  hystroscpe operation happened.
yesterday after noon only my bowel became clean.but today no
bowel movement.
Before surgery my belly was flat,now it became odd,more overmymy whole body became blow a bit.
when it became normal to me?is there any suggetions to me to became normal? please let me know asap.............I am waiting for u'r reply

by tjjeepers, Sep 21, 2009
I just had my second laproscopy for ovarian cysts and endometriosis in two years.  The first time it took nearly a month for the tenderness and swelling to go down.  Nothing but yoga pants and skirts.  Ibuprophen helps a bit with with swelling and tenderness, but nothing else but time really seemed to help with the healing process much.  It was about 6-8 weeks before I was feeling fully 100% energy wise and pain wise. Presently, I am a week and a half after my surgery and this time I booked 3 weeks off, knowing how long it took for me to be okay last time.  As well this time has been much different as I had my mom to come take care of me for a week and I know better what to expect.  It has been much more painful as the cyst was much larger and one of the incisions is nearly 3cm long instead of the 1cm on the other ones.  I was warned that there would be more scaring this time but didn't realize how much bigger the incision would be.  :(  
As well I'm in a lot more discomfort this time because I had an IUD that emits progesterone (in the hope of preventing the return of more cysts and endometriosis).  Apparently, I get to look forward to a whole month of cramps  and spotting on top of the usual healing process.  

So just give yourself at least a month to about 6 weeks before you start worrying about it being abnormal.