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Good Morning Dear Chosen Sisters,
I am on here reading and I wondered if any of you are from the area around West Palm Beach Fl?
We have a free new support group there for gyn cancers. If you are and want to know about it, write me back.

One of the things that I have noticed about myself lately is that I am really having a hard time shutting off the constant chatter in my head. I figure I have this committee up there and they sit around this really nice conference table and give input. A few of them think they are experts at OC, you know, like what I should and shouldn't eat, and what I probably did eat that was bad and I didn't know it. (She's the nutrition expert, food police). Today (this morning at 6)  I was looking up how bad flaxseed supplements are because of her. And then there is the one who watches every possible symptom and wonders if each pain could be a recurrence (she's the symptomologist). And lets not forget the one who is always discussing how members of my family are going to deal with this really badly, and how hard its gonna be on them (that one is the caretaker of others).  You know, of course that there are a lot more around that table ... its a really big table ... and of course, when I investigate, not a single one of them has a degree in whatever they are giving opinions on, ESPECIALLY not on anything to do with OC.
Do any of you have some fairy dust or something that you'd suggest using to make them shut up? Some days I can send a few of them to do other jobs, like sweep the roof (they're more qualified for that), but some days they just will not listen and obey. Got ideas?
Best to you today. Be well.
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Hey,  are you sure we are not in the same conference room?? I, too, have a committee discussing the same opinions, suggestions, concerns, doing unless research on this and that...sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about an issue that we did not touch on then can't go back to sleep...really ticks me off!!  Think it's called
No I don't have an fairy dust, but I have learned to write things down and then tackle them when I can...seems to help in my case.
I think its very common to have these conversations in your mind , Im also sitting at the table with both of you ladies , I think Kimchi gives good advice about writing things down and im going to do that myself . It is annoying when your mind is racing and you can,t sleep. I was given an idea from a stress counciller , set aside half an hour each day , think and worry all you need to during this time and then stop !!!!. If you set a pattern to do this everyday then you can learn to minimise the annoying thoughts running riot in your head . I  must do this again , it did work for me when I did it , Im going to write things down too .

Best of luck Angie
Hi, although I have no one but GOD at my conference table (you can all be jealous), He has given me fairy dust for you!  Wooo hooooo!

Bow your head (so it doesn't get in your eyes)......  one, two, three!!!!

God told me to tell you to tell the others around the various conference tables to rely on Him.  Talk to God.  If you tell him all your worries, He can set up the best conference table there is... but the trick is setting aside some quiet time to listen for his answers!
(I'm still working on that one).  Your conference tables seem loud and intrusive.  My conference table (more of just a throne, I guess) is so darn quiet I can't hear Him unless I sit still and LISTEN!  lol

Good wishes, good health, good positive attitude.  Good connection with the Big Guy upstairs, and all the little people can just go to H**ll!  lmao

Have a great day!

Thanks for all the input, my sisters.
One of the things I realized that really helps is telling you about it. I guess that is writing it down, huh?
Once you talk about it with someone and you hear that they experience the same things, you can kind of laugh about it, and also be serious about how to fix it. It is like that fairy dust I asked for after all.
All of you have great suggestions. I'll use them.
Thank you for being there, listening and understanding. Because of you:
I have gotten my head back around this darn thing and have had a few really positive days with less rapid negative thoughts. Got back on the tread mill, am walking 3 miles a day while I read a murder mystery. Am back to telling myself I am going to beat this darn thing!!!
Have the best day possible. Be well. Love to each of you from deep within my heart.
Wow, I have the same committe meetings going on in my head and I don't think I was invited.  I can't get them to shut up either.
Oh, could you do a profile.  I don't have a clue who you are or what your situation is.
Hey Jan214,
Ask and you shall receive. Go look. -grin-
Lets try to take the advice of the others. Maybe they have a handle on it. Mine is at least quieter when I am very busy. Nope, they don't invite me to do anything but listen either, never pay attention to my input when they are in full committee mode. And I am REALLY GOOD at listening. Have to get beetter at not listening to "them."
Try cleaning out your closet. Literally take everything out and put it on the bed and reorganize it. I think the committee will start telling you what you need to throw away (sometimes they are easily distracted for a while) since they can not stand to not put in opinions. Apparently, if the organizing part of the brain is working, the emotional side can't.
Have the best day.
Warm regards,
Yup, I have the same situation here.  All the voices with negative opinions are getting on my nerves!  When I take the time to turn to God, I can finally rest.

I cleaned out three drawers in my bathroom the other night when I couldn't sleep.  I am like a few of you have voiced recently: If for some reason I don't beat it (Stage 2c), I don't want my daughter to have to mess with all the "stuff" I've acquired in my 58 years on this earth.
I spoke with a friend of mine in San Francisco yesterday and was telling her about all of you and what I wrote about our committees.
She said that in her DA group a few of the people have agreed there, in the past, that there are mornings when they are getting out of bed and they notice their committee is already up, showered, had coffee and is ready to roll.
I thought that was pretty funny and also accurate about my committee. I have been able to stop them this week, pretty well. Been more positive.
I think we all have ways to cope, some different than others. Some turn to God, others to support groups, others to family and friends, others to reading all they can, yoga, meditating, etc, etc, etc. Some use ALL and any of those means of support available.

One of the many things I use to help recenter me is a really great CD that I was given by a friend prior to my chemo. I listened to it everytime I drove anywhere, even short trips. The name of it is "The Heart of Healing", by Karen Drucker. You can google for it.
There is a line in one of the songs that goes like this:
"You are the heart, you are the hands, you are the voice of Spirit on the earth.
And all you are, and all you do, is a blessing to the world."

That is how I think of each of you, as you give to me and to each other. You are one of the ways I cope. And all you do is a blessing to the world.

Make this a best day today.
Until just now I hadn't heard your voice.  Yours is a peaceful, strong and and positive addition to this group of women.  Please do continue to contribute .  Take care and do keep us posted.
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