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Ultrasound could not locate my ovary!
I am the 10yr. post meno woman who posted on the 7th about my right ovary coming "back to life"..
Well I went for my pelvic ultrasound today and ....... the tech. could NOT locate my right ovary....... she had me lift up and over and she probed and hit my sore spot several times but could not find it!
Well I suppose that it is a good sign because my ovary wasn't huge or bulked up with tumors or cysts I guess...... but where is it ?
Where can an ovary go?.......

You mentioned possible hormone shifts in your last reply to me. Could you please explain that a little further or refer me to a place that might give me some answers? I am puzzled and it will probably be a week before my doctor calls about my ultrasound.
Thank you so very much....
Sincerely ~~~~~Postmeno~~~~~~~~
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