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complex ovarian cyst?!!
hi there. I'm 29 years old and was just told by my dr that I have a 4cm complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary.She told me it was filled with blood and solid matter.

I originally was seen in the emergency room b/c of the intense pain I was experiencing on my right side (my tubes are tied and i was deathly afraid of an ectopic pregnancy). the er dr said nothing about what type of cyst it was and just advised me to follow up with my gyno in 1-2 days.

my dr now wants me to come in on Monday to have blood drawn for a cmp and a CA-125 (which i know is a cancer marker). I'm terrified. I also need to have another ultrasound done in 6 weeks to see if the cyst has gone away on it's own. I'm sure it won't b/c the er dr told me that it's probably been there for a few months since I told her I have been experiencing pain during intercourse and when i go to the bathroom on and off for about 3 months now (i didn't think much of it b/c i had my appendix taken out and thought it was just scar tissue acting up).

what can I expect with this?

what are the chances it's cancerous?

The intense pain comes and goes and i'm now also starting to experience sharp,stabbing pains here and there-is this normal?

I have frequent lower back pain and abdominal pressure-normal?

When I started my cycle 2 days ago-the cramps were so bad, I was curled up in a ball on the floor-I thought the cyst had ruptured. Is this normal?

what will I experience if it does rupture?

sorry for the million questions but I've never gone through this before and it scares me!!

thanks to all who answer!!!

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Try not to panic too much , it maybe an endomerioma complex cyst caused by endometriosis . These cysts can be filled with blood and some solid blood components. These can cause severe pain i had these cysts and they can leak sometimes and cause inflamation. It is good that you are having a ca125 buit remember that many things can elevate the marker such as mensruation , endomeriosis , fibroids, pid and many other things . Most cysts are benign but cause painful symptoms . I hope all goes well for you . Take care love Angie xx
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Hi.  I'm just wrapping up with what you're going through right now.  It started 6 months ago. Every month during ovulation, my 'mettleschmertz', as I thought it was, would get more and more irritating.  It finally got painful.  One night the stabbing pain nocked me to the floor.
I called my gyn that following Monday, after the weekend.  She saw and  gave me US on Tuesday.  My stabbing pain was a 4cm cyst, that was probably larger before it popped, leaked a bit, and sealed itself back up.  Sometimes twisting, aka torsion of the uterus and fallopian tube with a cyst can cause bad pain.
My cyst was removed this past week.  It was a complex cyst, so I was nervous, as you are now.  My cyst was benign.  Age is in your favor.  Most cysts are benign, and the younger you are, as I have read, the lower the chances of a complex cyst being malignant.
You might want to search online under 'chocolate cyst'. Isn't that disgusting?  But I have read that-that's what docs refer to blood filled cysts as.
My gyn told me to come to the er any time I was uncomfortable with my pain level.  She said if I had shoulder pain, that it could be my phrenic nerve being irritated by fluid in my abdomen, and to get immediate medical attention.  I never had this type of pain.  
I had a laparotomy so my general surgeon could check all of my abdominal organs.  My cyst and peritoneal washings went to the lab for a good check over, after the frozen cross section was done mid surgery.
My gyn didn't wait 6 weeks to do another scan.  She scheduled me for surgery because we already established that it was there for a few months already, it was causing me great discomfort, and it was not a simple cyst.  
You might want to consider discussing that with your doc if you don't feel comfortable waiting.  
Good Luck,
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