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dermoid cyst ended up being borderline mucinous tumor and ruptured duri...
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dermoid cyst ended up being borderline mucinous tumor and ruptured during surgery

Hi all,
[This forum has been super helpful to me so thank you in advance.  I also want to apologize if I am posting in the incorrect forum.  I know many women here are dealing with ovarian cancer and I don't mean to be rude by posting here since my issue is only a borderline tumor.]

I had what my dr. though were 2 dermoid cysts (one one each ovary).  I had a laproscopic procedure to remove both cysts and during the procedure one of the cysts ruptured.  The doctor did no suspect it was a tumor so he did not do anything special (no wash, etc).  

I healed from the surgery fine and thought all was well until I got the path report back, which indicated that the cyst that ruptured was actually a borderline mucinous tumor.  I also did a CA-125 test and the results came back slightly elevated (34ml) The doctor then called and said he wanted to schedule a second surgery to remove the ovary completely.

My main concern is that since the tumor ruptured during the first surgery, it is possible that the borderline cells have spread beyond the ovary into the abdomen, increasing the risk of recurrence to other pelvic areas.  Has anyone experienced that?

Is there anything special that I should request during the second surgery?  For instance, should they do a pelvic wash now, or is that too late?


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Are you being seen by a GYN/Oncologist?  That is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself.  

Borderline tumors require follow up as any other type of OvCa.  Some doctors do not consider it cancer and other doctors do.  

Since chemo is not usually recommended for borderline tumors, I am not certain that they would do a chemo wash, but, it can't hurt to ask.

As for the slightly elevated CA-125, I doubt it is related to the borderline tumors, could be another infection of sorts.
You are in the right place to post.  Your concerns are legit.  

When is your next appointment?
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This won't be helpful, but I thought I'd jump in anyway.  I had a borderline tumor removed (whole), and my CA125 was really elevated (over 100).  Sometimes CA125 is a marker for tumors (even borderline, apparently, since my levels went back down to normal post surgery), and sometimes it's not---according to my Dr.

All the best!
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