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enlarged lymph node in the groin and cronic(chronic) pain in the hip thigh on same side for 8 months ongoing.Cause for concern?

Hi my name is kerry i am 23 years old.Some time ago i noticed a lump in my groin about the size of a 2 pence piece but oval shaped but just ignored it and didnt mention it to anybody.For the last 9 months or so i have been experiencing cronic (chronic) pain in my right hip and down my thigh.Been to msee my general practotioner many times many painkillers prescribed and now undergoing physio because they think it is because of a back problem.I am not convinced i do not have back pain.I can only walk for ten minutes before i am limping and in a lot of pain.I also noticed the lump in my groin is bigger than it used to be its a slight bit sore if i push on it.my hip is very sore if i touch it and can experience pain during sexual intercourse.i do not know if these things are linked or i am just being paranoid.But i am getting no answers from my gp and am getting concerned.I havnt had any smear tests done yet, my mum had to have a procedure for pre-cancerous cells from smear results.please could you get back to me with an opinion.
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Dear Kerry
thank you for your question.
First of all , I would say that your concerns do not make me think of oavrian cancer.
However here are a few thoughts for you top take back to your doctor:

The groin area drains the foot , leg, and genital region (the vulva and lower third of the vagina)
so if you stub your toe and get some inflammation in the toe nail bed, your immune cells will work to clear the infection and drain into the groin lymph nodes which may get swollen

If you have an infection in the vulvar are, the same thing can happen. So if you have a blocked hair follicle or sebacceous cyst that then gets inflamed, you will see this. Or if you shave in the pubic hair, you can get nicks and irriatations that cause swelling of your groin lymph nodes.

However, you can also have swelling of the lymph nodes if you have a sexually transmitted infection. The most common would be herpes simplex
there are rarer other ones such as syphillis (syphilis) and very rare ones such as chancroid, lymphovenrereum
here is a summary from  http://www.answers.com/topic/lymphogranuloma-venereum

Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) is a sexually transmitted systemic disease (STD) caused by a parasitic organism closely related to certain types of bacteria. It affects the lymph nodes and rectal area, as well as the genitals, in humans. The name comes from two Latin words that mean a swelling of granulation tissue in the lymph nodes resulting from sexual intercourse. Granulation tissue is tissue that forms during wound or ulcer healing that has a rough or lumpy surface.

Finally you have have a hernia in that site

and very rarely at your age, you can can a cancer of the lymph nodes

So you should talk with your doctor about screening for STDs,
you need a physical exam including a pelivc exam and palpation of the groin are
ask your doctor to check for a hernia

best wishes
Thankyou for your reply i have been screened in the last 6 months for all infections due to irregular bleeding and they all came back clear.I will however go back to the doctor for more info and tests.I am gratefull for your reply.
Thankyou again Kerry.
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