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interesting findings!
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interesting findings!

Hi ladies,

I have been seeing a specialist in brisbane who is a conventional doctor but believes in natural remedies and a holistic approach to treating cancer. Anyway I am completely amazed by his knowledge and get more answers from him than any oncologist! He was explaining that the top minerals our body needs to produce to fight cancer are (in order of importance) Vit D, Iodine, Iron, B12 and zinc. This didnt surprise me as i had researched it, what was frustrating was GP's for years refused to test these because i "looked" healthy, one even said because i was tanned i had enough vit d. Anyway results concluded i was deficient in ALL of these. My vit D and iodine were actually that low that I should not be able to function and be alive. I must admitt since taking the supplements I will way better and less lathargic, which may be due to the fact I got a B12 injection on the spot (i have had these before in the past due to absorption problems).  
Iodine it is the most potent natural cancer killer in our bodies and it was interesting as a person with normal levels, if iodine is put on their skin takes up to 24hours to disappear as they have enough in their system, however mine disappeared within half an hour.

Just thought id share this with you all and see if anyone else has made sure their doctors are monitoring these minerals/ vitamins in their bodies?  Gp's should do it automatically but sadly they dont.

for anyone interested- www.drgregemerson.com.au
- check out the fact file

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I just have to tell you that i think you are awsome!! Id sit and wonder "why does God allow this to happen to people?" then just now after reading your post i thought...maybe for someone like you to research with total dedication to find the "CURE" for yourself and sooo many others! ...i just had to reply to your post! ...im not a holy roller...just trying to make sence of it all. and truth be told..that makes me go ..hmmmm.
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The iodine thing is interesting - is that just ordinary iodine? (heads out to splash some of the horses iodine on myself to see what happens)
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The most common source of iodine is seaweed- which they also think is linked to a low incidence of cancer in asian countries.

Honestly my whole perspective has changed and Im not some "crazy" person, I am what i believe an educated person and question everything before it ever becomes my belief!

I spent yesterday watching www.knowthecause.com/ - has daily 20min shows on it (bottom of page) where our current food practices and lifestyles are questioned considerably and makes you THINK! I honestly believe cancer is a fungus and through anti fungal treatment and the right diet and supplements it is beatable. There is so much research that cancer can not survive in a highly oxygenated or alkaline body, it thrives in an acidic environment- the good news is we can change the ph in our bodies.

To doublek180. .. funny you said what you did because I have always said " if you cure me god i will cure others" Once i set my mind on things i am so determined and I will spread the word about these things as "conventional" ways are clearly not working when so many ppl are getting and dying of cancer- it is a multi-billion dollar industry where pharmacuetical companines shove antibiotics and other tablets down peoples throats just to turn a profit! I have always thought. . . what is the one thing we all have in common that could cause such an increase in cancer? what has changed from my parents generation to now? The answer is food and our lifestyle! I honestly believe that. One question raised in one of the 20 minute shows was. . .

If taking anti-fungal medication stops cancer metatising, then what causes cancer?
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You sound so much like me. You are a true fighter. I have always been like that and it amazes me to see someone else like that. I went through 20 yrs of infertility and now have twin 3 1/2 year old boys because I didnt give up. Im on this forum because my mom have IVCA IIIC she went through debulking and now 6 rounds of cisplatin. She has ascites that is not going away. We have been giving her Flor Essence between chemo to remove the toxins and it always makes her better her ca 125 is down to 22. But the ascites is a sign that there is disease progression. Im in the fight of my life to give her quality of life and time. Your postings have really impressed me,
I have so many questions. What anti-fungal medication should she take. i know a very knowledgeable women who believed in natural remedies. Who has talked about the fungus. Would a multi vitamin help her? What are the doses she should take. Need more info.
Thank you so much there is a reason why this has happened to you. If you can help my mom or anyone else then youve served your purpose.
Again thank you
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lilian 577
have a look at www.drgregemerson.com/ check out fact file- acid:alkaline, fungus and cancer.  most is helpful :)

most supplements are synthetic meaning they are rejected by our bodies so I'll tell you what my specialist recommended to me but your mum should get her vitd, iodine, zinc, iron and B12 checked by doctor next blood test.

10ml feroxin- natural mineral supplement(better than mutlivitamin) easily absorbed.
zinc 25mg ( depends if test shows deficient or not)
iron- 2 a day
iodine- 2 drops a day
Vit D- 15 drops a day
B12 4 sprays under tongue
slippery elm- 1 tsp a day in vegetable juice ( apple carrot celery plus ginger)
shark cartilege- for joints
EFA krill- most potent anti-inflammatory and omega- fatty acids- no metals often found in  fish oil
pHour salts- 1/2 scoop to 1 litre of water to alkalise water you drink each day
betaglucan- 1 a day
dr ohirras probiotic- 1 day

note- b12. iron, zinc, iodine and vit d is specific to my blood work but others is matched to treating a fungal infection. I was also placed on phase 1 diet which starves and kills fungal infections which can be found at www.knowthecause.com/ note- i was also given a prescription of nystatin (antin fungal 3 a day)

Hope this helps. (know the cause website might also be able to guide you to specialists in the same field as mine but where you live? )

Mel x
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