6.6 cm Complex Ovarian Cyst Surgery
by Arian1, May 18, 2009
It has been a year since I've been diagnosed with a left ovarian complex cyst.  It has grown since my last ultrasound 9 months ago and is now 6.6 cm. I'm miserable.  I'm in pain on a daily basis.  It hurts to walk.  My left hip and groin are swollen.  I'm constantly bloated.   My GYN doc referred me to an oncologic surgeon for a robotic surgery consultation because I've had quite a few major abdominal surgeries (2 C-sections, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, umbilical hernia).  I'm really worried this time around because I know there are increased risks due to the previous surgeries.  I'm starting to think maybe living with the pain is a better option.
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by justscore, May 18, 2009
Living with that much pain is never a good option.  A cyst that big should come out.  I'm not a Dr but I know what kind of pain you are in!!!!!  A Gyn/Onc surgeon is the best person to talk to about your options.  You are lucky they referred you to the Onc, some of us had to beg to get such a referral.

Keep us updated, be well!
by sals3105, May 19, 2009
I have the same sized cyst and same symptoms as you and am having my ovary removed next week.  I can't wait!  There is no way I could carry on like this, as it is effecting every area of my life from work to being able to stand long enough to cook dinner.

As Heidi said, have a chat with your surgeon to discuss options.  Hope you find a suitable outcome and keep us posted.

by Arian1, May 19, 2009
Thanks Heidi and sals3105 for your quick responses.  I feel so much better knowing that someone truly understands what I go through on a day-to-day basis.  I'm glad I found this forum.  I'll definitely report back my outcome.
by Arian1, Jul 14, 2009
I had to have another transvaginal ultrasound and these are the results:
1.  5.4 cm septated collection surrounding both ovaries which are adhesed to the vaginal cuff, which likely represents an inclusion cyst.
2.  2.3 cm left ovarian hemorrhagic corpus luteum.
3.  2.6 cm right ovarian simple cyst.
4.  Probable thickened right fallopian tube w/ increased vascularity may represent salpingitis.

The oncologic doc doesn't want to perform surgery as the mass isn't suspicious for cancer (which I'm happy about).  He wants to take and wait and see approach and check back in 4 months (which I'm not happy about).  My creatinine is high and I can no longer take prescription Motrin for pain, only over the counter Tylenol.