Blisters in bellybutton post surg
by Admitted, May 09, 2010
Hi all,
Wish I would have found this site sooner.  I had laparascopic surgery on Wed May 5.  Surgeon removed a 7.7 cm paratubal cyst along with my left ovary and fallopian tube.  I had an incision in my belly button and one on the left and right side near hips.  The incision in my belly button developed large blisters yesterday and there is a large red area of skin about the size of a dollar bill under my belly button.  No fever, but I just really dont feel very good.  Pain is completely manageable using Toradol.  Anyone have anything similar?  I could go to urgent care, but I do not know if I am overreacting.  Thanks
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by Admitted, May 09, 2010
I forgot to mention that I have a splitting headache on the top left side of my head that is not managed by the Toradol.  Dont know if that makes a difference.
by tryingfor6years, May 09, 2010
The incision on your belly button doens't sound right. If you start to feel worse or spike a fever, I would go to urgent care. Definitley call your doctors office first thing tomorrow morning and tell them you need to be seen and tell them what's going on. When you call in the morning, you will probably get an answering system - get a live person on the phone, they should be able to connect you to the office
by ska4life1986, May 09, 2010
hi i had the same surgery and a week later my back ached and i had blood in my urine and my incision was red and it looked like it was going to open went to doc and i had an infection in the incision and kidney infection so dont delay go to doc you dont want mrsa be good to urself x
by Admitted, May 09, 2010
thanks all.  i saw my sister in law this afternoon (surgical nurse) and she was not so concerned about the blisters but thought the drainage may have some pus, so I will follow up tomorrow with doc.  Thanks again.
by fungirl1011, May 09, 2010
I am glad that you went to see your sister in law.  I am also glad that you are going to have it looked at tomorrow.  I'm wondering if there could be an infection under the incision.  If you start to develop a fever, please make sure that your doctor sees you tomorrow.  Please let us know how you are getting along.  Please take care of yourself in the mean time.