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Enlarged ovary
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Enlarged ovary

Hi, last year i had my ovary and tube removed due to a large cyst. The surgeon told me that my remaining ovary was in enlarged and that I would need to have another scan to see if it went back to its normal size.
I had the scan today, which i was told that its still enlarged and that I would be referred back to gngyocolgy. I asked if she could see any cysts, but she wouldnt tell me.

What i'm wanting to know is if my ovary is removed could I still concieve (conceive)? I want to prepare myself mentally for what the doctor will tell me next week.

I'm in my late 20's if it occurs that i have to have my ovary removed, I'm going to ask for an hysterectomy, would this happen?

Hope you can offer me some advice, as I cant speak to my family about this.

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Have you had all the kids that you want to have and will ever want to have (even if you wind up married to someone else)?  I would fight the notion of losing my last ovary in my late 20s even if I had had all the kids I'd ever want, but I would definitely resist that suggestion if I was still interested in more kids.

If your second ovary is removed, you could still carry a child but you would need a donor egg to do it.  That's a whole different ball of wax, involving medical hassles and big expense.  If all you have is an enlarged ovary, ask about whether you could go onto a birth-control-pill regime (or other hormone-blocking treatment) and bring it down.  

Why would you ask for a hysterectomy in your late 20s?

I haven't had any children yet, and I dont think its going happen. I have a 'feeling' that its not meant to be.
Plus i've been preparing myself mentally that it wont happen incase it comes to the fact that I can't.

I've been having the same pains I was having before, which ended in me having my tube and ovary removed. I think its going to happen this way again..hopefully not but who knows till my results come back.

If it turns out that i have to have my ovary and/or tube removed. I would ask for a hysterectomy has my nan died of cancer of the womb and also my mum had to have a hysterectomy. so it will ease my mind, plus its not going to help me being there if i cant have kids.

I know im being negative but its easier to be this way then think everything is going to be fine.
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