How much bleeding is normal after laparoscopy -- complicated by period
by LindaF, Jul 06, 2006
I had spotting/light bleeding after my 28th June laparoscopy which then turned into my period which was due July 1st. It really came in on 3rd. July and I am bleeding still. I only go through about 2-3 pads/day, never have to change at night so it's not particulary heavy, about normal for my period. It just seems long due to the surgery. At what point do I become concerned?

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by chandrika, Jul 06, 2006
I went to the hospital Monday for the exact same problem.

My lap was on Friday and I started bleeding Monday not even due a period. It was very heavy with clots and I was terrified.

But the nurse reassured me that the surgery will mess with your periods and not to worry.

I was getting through a pad every few hours but even so she said that if it were haemmoraging then it would be like a pad every half hour. My bleeding did stop after 4 days.

I have read elsewhere that getting through more than a pad in two hours is cause for concern, but if I was at all concerned, if it was unlike my regular bleeding as mine was, I would just see a doctor to make sure anyway.

Hope you are ok
by LindaF, Jul 06, 2006
Thanks so much. This is acting just like my normal period so I'm not terribly concerned, more curious. I'm not in pain, no cramping, etc. so all seems well. I also got my tubes tied and I hear that can mess with the length and quality of your cycle.

You've reassured me. I'll go if the bleeding continues beyond the weekend as that should be when my period is due to stop. I'll go 5-7 days normally.

by wubbie3, Jul 07, 2006
After my laproscopy, I spotted/light bleeding for nearly two weeks after surgery. Not really enough to need a full size maxi pad, but enough that I needed the thin ones. I went through maybe 2-3 per day, and towards the end maybe 2 a day, sometimes only one.
They told me it was fairly normal, especially because of the weird little machine they put in there (did they tell you about that one? Did you SEE it? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that thing and realized where it had to go!) The little machine that moves your uterus around apparently clips to your cervix, and they told me that the machine itself, any rubbing/movement, etc, and the clip can irritate or scratch everything, and the normal reaction for the body is to bleed lightly until new tissue grows.
I really wanted it to end, since I always take a nice warm bath when I'm not feeling up to par, and I couldn't! Orders from the gyn... no baths till all bleeding stops for at least two days. (Guess where I was not quite 48 hours after!)
Hang in there... it's annoying, but it eventually goes away.
by kimmy37, Jul 08, 2006
Hello - Im probably going to need a lap done in Aug.  This info is very usefull.  
Just wondering what you girls had the lap. for.  Was it a cyst?  How lond did they make you wait till surgery?  I have a hem. cyst on left ovary causing pain for 4 weeks now.  My mind is sooooo Consumed by this.  Love the sight.  You girls are better then most doctors.
Hope you feel well soon.
by yome21, Apr 24, 2008
i had a lap done last week. it was extremely painful, everone said that its a nice simple surgical operation but, i woke up from the anaesthetic and couldnt breathe from the pain the gas was causing. terrible!!

i had some light bleeding that first day out of hospital and the dr told me that that is the only bleeding that will occur. so the next day my bleeding stopped and i was very happy and relieved. then when i woke up this morning (3 days after surgery) i was bleeding fresh blood like a period. i became really scared and had an anxiety attack. i went to the dr and he said that it was very normal to bleed and that it could even be my period. i was just thinking in my head. you bloody assholes, why dont you just tell us what to expect so that we dont freak out!!!
by marie2008sophie, Aug 25, 2008
i too had a lap last wed (5 days ago) and have been bleeding on and off since then (light) i called the doctor and they told me not to worry unless i have pain too (well of course i have pain i've just had an op) so i just wondered how long is normal to have a swollen and tender tummy after surgery??

p.s my lap was for removal of an ectopic and they also removed one of my tubes.  
by lors78, Aug 26, 2008
I am due for laparoscopy procedure tomorrow.  I have slight cramp just now which tends to mean that my periods will arrive tomorrow.  I was told by the nurse that laparocopy procedure cannot be carried out if my periods come.  I am so upset as I have waited so long for this appointment.  Anyone know if anything I can do, delay period, or do they go ahead if your period comes during the lap?

by Dee8200, Sep 29, 2008
I had the Lap done on the 9th of this month and was told that I may bleed for a few days after. Well I did bleed for the next 6 days like a regular period, had a 2 day break, then started my period one 17th or 18th of this month! Now my question is how long should my first period be after my lap becaus I'm still bleeding about 1-2 mostly 1 pad a day and it's been about 12 days!! Has anyone else had this problem? I might just go to the doc tomorrow.

by deli01, Oct 17, 2008
I had a lap done on 16 September to remove stage 3 endo.  The doctor removed the endo which was on both my ovaries, my bladder and my cervix.  I don't think I really prepared myself for the post operative pain....it really was a killer.  On 9 October my period came with avengence!!!!!!  It was extremely painful for the first two days...the pain was all consuming, shooting up my back and down my thighs.  I see the doc next week, so will let you all know whether this kind of pain is an expected consequence of the surgery.