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Intro- From Hip Pain to Ovarian Mass?
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Intro- From Hip Pain to Ovarian Mass?

Hello All. I"m totally new here. My dear friend TrudieC just went thru the scarey journey and now I find myself on the emotional roller coaster she embarked on recently.

I have suffered horrible hip and sacro illiac pain for over 18months. I finally noticed a pattern that during ovulation, my pain was at its worst.  This observation led to an ultra sound and the results led to a phone call that has turned my world upside down.  :(

All I know is that there is a tumor on my right ovary. Presently waiting ( ugh the waiting)  for the results on a 'better' ultrasound.

How much can they tell from an ultrasound?
Can they tell what type of mass it is?

Why don't they just book the CT now vs. waiting for the 2nd ultrasound?

Has anyone crossed the border to get diagnostic tests there?


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I have not crossed the border but have been through what you are experiencing and am now going through it for the second time. A good ultrasound should be able to give a good idea whether it is a solid mass, partially solid mass or fluid filled mass. It should also be able to tell if there is flow (blood flow) to the mass.  Once my tumor was discovered, I was then sent for an MRI to get a better idea of what it was and where exactly it was.  The MRI did not help and I had it removed by a gyn/onc.  My suggestion would be that you get yourself referred to a gyno/oncologist to be on the safe side. Most likely it is going to be a benign mass but the gyn/onc will be prepared and know exactly what to do, should it look suspicious once they get in there. They will not be able to tell if it is cancer until it is biopsed. Remember, most likely it is benign, like a 95% chance it is nothing to worry about.

The waiting and wondering is brutal. Do you know how big it is? If it is solid, or partially solid?
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When I was going through it and they hadn't done the transvag US yet but my doctor had scheduled a CT that was 3 weeks out I started looking into going to the U.S. or elsewhere for it.  We can get them pretty quick in Quebec.  I tried 2 places in Detroit but it wasn't going to end up much quicker than I had been booked here.  Once I complained to my doctor about the pain and increase in symptoms he called and got it moved up to within a few days.  

I suspect that the US tells him more.  Gyn already had my CT results when I saw him and from that he felt it was a simple fluid filled cyst but still had me go for the other US so he could see things better before the surgery.  Now I know that even the CT isn't that clear since it ended up being multiple bleeding cysts.  Let's hope the US will indicate what type it is.

Love ya,
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welcome and i am sorry both at the same time
but i am grateful to god for ur friend trudie to be there for u

now it was explained to me that the tvus gives the best look at the mass
(can tell better what its made of)
there are other inflammations in the abdomen that accompany these nasty  cysts so the
ct (with contrast medium) is indicated for overall pelvic / abdominal picture and can give an exact measurement and a closer location ... the tvus cant distinguish some types of cysts from cancer like adenomas which i have) so the next logical step for me is surgery and a biopsy

please dont fear i pray u find peace at this moment and let it wash over u and thru u
jsut as there are so many different women here there are so so many different treatment plans tailored to each of us ... i pray u find the right one for u

i feel like ur in good hands and i pray u the best
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hi Linda,
I keep having recurring cysts and the last one which was in May of this year was about 5cm.  My gyno sent me for a MRI scan and when that came back, the cyst had resolved....but I have terrible pain in my right hip and side and have continued to have this.  
My doctor and gyno have said that I just need to keep an 'eye on things', (hate it when they say stuff like that) and I am to have tvus' and CA125 tests every six months, and they will take my ovaries when I am around 45.  (I have had a partial hysterectomy and my Mum had Ovca 14 years ago).  
The Doctor says my hip pain is like 'tennis elbow'!! or like a bit of arthritis and sent me to the physio (not helping).....but I dunno, I think I may go and have another opinion.

I believe that cysts DO cause these sorts of pain and I know how scary it is when they say that word Cyst or Mass, but do try not to worry, these are usually benign or they do just disappear sometimes.  A TVUS will be able to have a better look too.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Peace and Love....Kim
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I am so sorry you have to go through this. You are so lucky to have Trudie. She is an angel to all of us. I am not having the same issues as you, I just wanted to welcome you and tell you I'll be thinking about you and praying!
282804 tn?1236837191
The TVUS is the most reliable diagnostic tool available for ovca/ovcy.  It really does show more detail than a CT, although they often use both.  Yes, an experienced gynonc with good, clean pictures will usually know prior to surgery what it is.  There are ones that are hard to read and some types of cysts where it is hard to know until they get in there, but for the most part those of us with cancer knew it before we had our surgeries.  Of course there are some exceptions to that for the reasons I mentioned, but I, as well as countless others, were told by our Drs prior to surgery that we had cancer and that it was probably advanced.  Many of us had our surgeries to install our chemo ports before we had our TAHBSO's done.

Linda, I am sorry you have to be here, and I am sure you know that your are exceptionally lucky to have Trudie to help you through this.  She is a wonderfully big hearted, intelligent, compassionate, reasonable and funny addition to our little family here.  She is very highly thought of as I am sure you can tell.  We don't know what we would do without her.  Lucky you to know her in real life.

Just listen to your Dr., use your own good judgment, rely on the advice and comfort of friends and you will be just fine.  If it is something, at least it is a small something so that could be very good for you.

Take care of you
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Wow. Trudie was right when she said this was the place to be for support and information. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your words mean a great deal to me.

The waiting really is brutal. I'm driving myself mad with all the scenarios. I wish I was just as good at dreaming up the good outcomes as I am the bad.
This is so unlike my personality. I'm always the positive one. The driven one.
Now I find myself feeling defeated and I haven't even really begun the battle yet.

I wish I knew more. At this stage, all I know is that -
I have had terrible hip and sacro illiac pain for almost two years now
I finally noticed a pattern with ovulation, which led to a TVUS approximately a month ago.
Out of the blue last Wednesday, an OB/GYN's office is calling me at work, at home and on my cell. When they finally reach me, they talk to me as if 'I know'. I knew nothing and assumed all was fine.
So, you can imagine the shock when I 'm told that my initial TVUS showed a tumour and they want to order another TVUS.
I was booked in the very next day.
Now I wait....

The tech that did the last TVUS could barely look me in the eye. I can't help but read more into this.

I feel like there is something heavy in me and when I eat I bloat out like I'm pregnant. My stomach gurgles so loud at times its embarrassing.

Tonight I didn't take the valium. I was so tired and drifting off. I should have known better! Here it is 3:30am and...


So while I say the waiting is brutal... I think the trip to the doctor's office to hear the results will be immobilizing.

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