Ovarian cyst and lower back and abdomen pain...
by Lynnoakdale, Jun 06, 2005
I was diagnosed with an Ovarian Cyst (1.5cm) about 6 months ago.  The doctor put me on Birth Control in hopes to decrease the size of the cyst and to hopefully thin my uterus lining some because it was very thick.  Over the past few months I have had much pain in my lower back and my monthly cramping has become very intesnse to the point that it is hard to function normally without some strong meds.  The ovary was on my right side and I am due to go back for my second ultrasound the end of this month.  I guess my question is with all this pain I am going thru should I be concerned....or is this normal.  I do not have children and have never been pregnant and I have just turned 32.  I am just confused...if I am not on the pill it is painful when I ovulate when I am on the pill my lower back and right side kill me.  What do I do and what questions should I ask.  The nurse told me that if I didnt go on the pill then they would not do another ultrasound.....WHY?  She sugessted a DNC maybe in the future.  Can someone please shed some light on this for me?
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by jemma2001, Jun 06, 2005
i have also been daignosed with a cyst which is 6cm. As i understand in you probably have a functional cyst and the birth control pills should stop you from getting cysts, i think it also reduces the size of the cyst, these cysts usually dispurse on there own after a few menstural cycles. I not sure about the pain, maybe you should see your doctor just to make sure, but i think there should be some pain as i have no pain at all with my cyst.

by MickeyVicki, Jun 06, 2005
You might try getting another opinion from another doctor.

Did anyone tell you what type of cyst that you have?  It seems from your symptoms that your cyst might be growing, rather than shrinking.  At least your symptoms are worse.   There are a number of cyst types, and not all of them shrink as the result of hormonal manipulation through medication such as 'the pill.'   Additionally, some women (such as myself) cannot take birth control pills since they cause horrible side effects.

As for why they would refuse to have another ultrasound if you refused the pill...I too would like to know why.  It sounds a bit like a "control" mechanism to require you to take the first course of action that they demanded.
by MickeyVicki, Jun 07, 2005
Your description of your menses sounds like mine while I had my cyst - scant and very light red in color.  I did not suffer from  cramps or back pain, however.  I did miss a complete  monthly cycle.

My doctor attributed these changes to a disruption of the normal hormone cycle due to the damage the cyst was causing to my ovary.  The cyst essentially forced my ovary out of shape so badly that it was "bruised" with blue streaks in it (I saw the photographs a few weeks after my surgery.)  At the end, days before my surgery, the cyst had grown so large, so fast, that I felt pain in that local area.   The diagnosis before surgery was that my cyst was "complex, with solid components" but at surgery it was found to be a benign endometrioma.

by Lynnoakdale, Jun 07, 2005
jemma2001 & MickeyVicki
Thank you for your comments.  I also do not enjoy taking the pill either.  The last few months (while on the pill) have been the hardest for me because I feel like it is always something.  Either I hurt when I ovulate or cramp like hell with breast tenderness while on the pill.  I exchange one form of pain for another.  I am in the military and yes our medical is free I feel at times it isnt always the best.  I went to the doc yesterday (who is just and independent duty corpman and donest really know much about this stuff) to get some stronger meds.  He gave me Lortab so I took one yesterday and just rested with a heating pad.  I am still cramping bad and my lower back hurts but I am hanging in there until the end of the month.  So does this mean that the cyst is growing since I have been having all this pain?  I wasnt sure if that was the case or not.  Yes I am worried at times but there has got to be another way to deal with this.  I have requested a DNC after my next ultrasound and I told them that regardless of the cyst I was not going back on the pill.  I am a little confused that although I hurt pretty bad I am not bleeding nearly as bad as I normally do.  My period blood is bright red and thin.....could this be due to the fact that my thick uterus linning is preventing me from shedding what I need to during my period?  ANyway I am jsut as confused as anyone and I swear trying to get thru the day is a chore....I have been popping motrin like candy.  Thanks for your support and my heart goes out to the women who have been going thru the same thing.
by Tayzoe, Jan 07, 2009
Sounds Like it could be Endometriosis as well just something to think about I know I'm going through the same stuff right now and I believe I have Endo with my cyst
by Blndgrlblu, Sep 19, 2009
I just joined, so this ought to be helpful for me. Your situation sounds so very like mine. I am 32 years old as well, and for the lat 3 and a half years I have had right lower back pain. Every doctor told me it was a lower back sprain. I couldn't understand how a back sprain could never get better and last three years. My back pain is chronic and unbearable. I recently found out I have an ovarian cyst on the right side which is about 2cm. I strongly believe that my back pain is from the cyst, but I haven't confirmed it from the doctor. I go back on Oct. 1, so we will see. As of now, I depend on pain meds to get me through everyday, but sometimes even that is not enough. I hope you and I both can get through this.
by mommie89, Oct 24, 2009
i also have an ovarian cyst at 16 yrs old i was diagnosed with 5 ovarian cysts i got sent in to emerge after 4 months of continuous bleeding and doctors telling me im fine and theirs nothing to worry about now im 20 yrs old and still have one of my cysts measuring 5cm and in the bigining it n was 7 cm and after my surgery i was told i couldn't have children but i am now a mother of a 21 month old daughter so in all just keep an eye on your cysts and if you need to get a second opinion
by andy997, Jan 02, 2010
my wife is suffering alot from lower back pains due to ovarian cyst and i am so scared because i have no idea on how i can help her, i have taken  her to the doctor but they dont ever seem to help anyone can give us advice please email me ***@****
by jj0205, Jan 16, 2010
im only 10 and my left lower back hurts whenever i move a muchel