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does this sound like a cyst?
Hello guys!
i recently went to the doctor with this problem, but she thinks im to young to ttc so she told me to think about going on the pill. I am 19 years old coming 20. I would love to be able to have a baby with my partner of 3 years.
I have always stressed about my fertility. thinking i wouldn't be able to have kids, when i was 13 i was sexually abused by an older boy, i was taken to the children's hospital to get examined as soon as i seen the bed and the camera i freaked and never went through with it. it plays on the back of my mind that maybe that has stopped me having children. im 19 years old and been having un protected sex for just over a year now and no success!
on november the 5th af was due to visit and which she did, now i normally bleed for 4 day on a medium flow. and on the 5th i bled half of the day, at night i started spotting and noticed tiny little blood like jelly lumps on my tissue. the next day there was only a pink watery blood stain when i wiped. and was hardly marking a pad. the next day it was dark brown discharge. i wasn't sure what was going on so i left it and waited to see what would happen next,
i took ill on a day and couldn't stand the smell of any kind of food or cofee and i was being sick and was running to the loo! it lasted 24 hours. i was fine, i soon noticed i was being exhausted all the time i was coming home from work and going to sleep not wanting to spend much time with my family or boyfriend, i was snapping at my boyfriend over the silliest of little things and it was constant arguing one minute id be happy the next id be in tears everything was getting me down. since the 29th october i had stopped smoking so i didn't know if this had anything to do with it. my next visit from aunt flo was due on 4th december but she came on the 28th of November. three days prior to her coming i was experiencing cramps, on the day she came my cramps were worse than usal and every time i wiped there was these little jelly like clot things tiny though! i bled normal and in pain with cramps for a day then they stopped there was no sign of anything again after that, except the cramps i still have the cramps almost a week after she came? ive been feeling light headed and a few mild headaches but i took a pregnancy test on the 29th of november which came back negitive.
has anyone got some usful advice?
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