by Jeym, Aug 26, 2008
i had a pelvic ultrasound and it says" several small follicles are seen in both ovaries and minimal free fluid seen in posterior cul de sac, what does it mean???

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by vallieanne, Aug 26, 2008
I looked at a former post regarding follicles that was answered by the doctor on the forum just to be sure, and she states that follicles are a normal occurance, they occur during ovulation. A small amount of free fluid can occur in the cul de sac during the middle of a menstrual cycle. It seems like you US is pretty normal.
I suggest you call your gyn to discuss the results of your test to see if there's anything else on it that may warrant further investigation.

by vallieanne, Aug 26, 2008
I forgot to ask why did you have the test done? Where you having pain or discomfort and did the doctor indicate you may have a cyst? Having multiple follicles can be a symptom of a condition called polycystic ovaries, but it is not the only factor in determining this condition. In any event, you need to follow up with your gyn to find his evaluation of your test results. When you have more infomation and have any questions, let us know.

by TrudieC, Aug 28, 2008
If you indeed have polycystic ovaries there is a forum that specifically deals with that too.  Good luck with everything.
by Sharon2714, Aug 29, 2008
god bless and good luck i agree with the above fair ladies and ...
i pray u just overproduced a little bit once and that u continue to investigate the cause with a passion
by rodaline, Apr 01, 2010
i took trans-v cause i have irregular means since i stop taking a pills and sometimes there's a smell when i have a discharge and when we maked love with my husband theres a blood in his penis but i dont have a menstruation when we have contact,then they found out that i have a small follicles in my ovary what thats its mean is this small follicles that they saw on my ovary will cause a cyst on my ovary? and i want to have a another baby is this will affect my pregnancy?
by kalimfarman, Oct 04, 2011
My age is 28, my AP us 2.4 cm,length 6 cm,width is 3.2 cm, Echotexture is homogenous, cavity is collapsed, Endomelnal thickness is 2.9 mm, no andenxa pathology,multiple follicile seen in both ovaries.
please guide me what does it mean ? i am trying for a pregnancy.