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what are the most common symptoms you had?
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what are the most common symptoms you had?

I have read on ovarian cysts and symptoms and was just curious for real women to describe what symptoms they have had?  For me I really never paid attention to most of them.  My main symptom was Menstrual irregularities.  Now that it is my 2nd round with the cysts I am more aware of these symptoms.  Now I feel the pelvic pain, nausea, bloating, difficulty with urinating, and I feel exhausted all the time.  Does anyone else experience that?  But it is scary to see the research that says most Ovarian cancer is undetected until it is in the late stages.  If one has cysts, does this increase your risk of Ovarian Cancer or is their a correlation?  

The following is a list of Ovarian Cyst symptoms from mayo clinic website.  

Menstrual irregularities
Pelvic pain — a constant or intermittent dull ache that may radiate to your lower back and thighs
Pelvic pain shortly before your period begins or just before it ends
Pelvic pain during intercourse
Pain during bowel movements or pressure on your bowels
Nausea, vomiting or breast tenderness similar to that experienced during pregnancy
Fullness or heaviness in your abdomen
Pressure on your rectum or bladder — difficulty emptying your bladder completely

When to see a doctor
Seek immediate medical attention if you have:

Sudden, severe abdominal or pelvic pain
Pain accompanied by fever or vomiting

These signs and symptoms — or those of shock, such as cold, clammy skin, rapid breathing, and lightheadedness or weakness — indicate an emergency and mean that you need to see a doctor right away
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Hi there,

I'm also dealing with a cyst right now (a MONSTER of a cyst!) that I've more than likely had for a couple years now, and didn't know it because up until about 6 weeks ago...I was completely symptom free, and only found it by chance when I had a CT scan done.

For the last two years I've had the most irregular periods ever. One month I'll have it, then next I won't. Or I'll have it every month for three months, then I won't have it at all for 3 months! Other than that, I had slightly heavy periods as well, with moderate pain (which I just brushed off as cramps, like I think so many woman do) it was never anything so bad that I thought something was terribly wrong, though.

But now, man oh man, am I having my share of pelvic pain. Usually I have it when I'm close to starting my cycle, then it goes away for the most part. But the back pain is constant...and pains in my thighs, too. The back pain has to be the most annoying, for sure. I'm not having any issues with going to the bathroom yet (hopefully that won't happen at all, LOL) but who knows what else will happen before I get this beast out of me.

Yeah, from what I understand...the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are pretty much spot-on to just having a cyst. I was also told that having cysts doesn't increase your chances of developing Ovarian Cancer.

The best to you, dear!
I'll add to the list of symptoms beyond what Mayo Clinic provided. These are some additional symptoms I had that went away after surgery:

- exhaustion/reduced energy, not improved by a good night of sleep
- increased inches around the waistline/look of being pregnant
- nearly impossible to lose weight no matter what you do
- severe constipation and/or constipation on some days and loose bowels on another
- increased chances of a urinary "accident" (a few drops getting out that you were unable to control)
- hair loss

If it is a fluid-filled cyst, you can actually feel the fluid sloshing around in there if you hold your hand to the area while walking.  It is a "water balloon" effect.  Normal body parts do not create this effect, even if you are overweight.  

My inny belly button temporarily became an outy.  After surgery, it went back to normal.
Thanks for the information...very interesting.  Those additional symptoms are what I am having and it is frustrating because I am overweight the Dr sees the scale when I go for my checkups and expresses the need for me to lose weight.  However, I don't seem to lose weight.  I even had weight loss surgery, Lapband, and haven't lost weight.  My Dr has done all kinds of tests, metabolic, diabeties, blood work...and everything comes back normal.  I have been having a lot of joint pains too this last few months.  They did a test for arthritis too, and it was negative, but my inflamation (inflammation) level was high.  Which I guess can be a sign of tumors.  Then they found the new cysts.  I was tested for PCOS and that was negative too.  SOOOO it has been incredibly frustrating.  Recently all I want to do is sleep.  I sleep and still feel tired.  So now I went to have the sleep study done, for sleep apnea.  I go today to check that result.  

My back pain has been the most consistent.  Lower left side.  I had back surgery though too...about 5 years ago for herniated disk.  I felt great until about a year ago when I started feeling pain again more seemingly in my hip then my back.  That was when I went for my back appointment and they found the cysts last year.  

Thanks for your responses!
Mine were irregular cycles. Two per month (sometimes 10 days apart). Pain in pelvic. Increasing pain during cycles.

All better now.
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