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Best Med for bone pain, best med for muscle pain?
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Best Med for bone pain, best med for muscle pain?

I have muscle pain and bone pain. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. Up and down. Would anyone have suggestions what meds are used for these type of pains? I was given ms contin, not bad, I was on ultram, it helps sometimes and helped last year when combined with the ms contin. Any ideas? I see my doctor on Tues. I am well aware of ultram being addictive, I've gotten off of it before but I can't tolerate the others.

Any advise would be appreciated. I hate being on meds but I hate pain more.

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Hi Dylan,

Although Tramadol has addictive qualities it is still not considered an opiate. That may change in the future. Most physician are more comfortable prescribing it than an opiate. If it works for you that is what matters.

In my opinion too often chronic pain sufferers are not prescribed medications that can control their pain due to the fear of addiction or abuse. I am aware that like it or not our bodies become dependant upon opiates when used long term, that does not make us addicts, abusers or drug seekers. And I agree you with, I hate being on medication but if I don't take them just getting out of bed is near impossible.

I have tried most of the "Big Dog" opiates other than Oxycontin. None of them were/are very effective for me for one reason or another. So I am not a good resource for you. It seems either the side effects are intolerable for me or I have an allergic reaction. I am kind of "stuck" with hydrocodone.  

So it seems to me that if the combination of Tramadol and MS Contin worked for you in the past that it may be the best selection again. Hopefully others will post with their suggestions. Some times weekend are a bit slower than week days.

Take care,
Hi Tuck,

Can't seem to get many answers. It stinks b/c my mri doesn't show up terrible, but I know the psin I have plus my husband has chronic fatigue syndrome.

I hate being on meds and honestly my husband needs me here but we need money badly. My legs after 4 years still hurt and only on meds are they not bad.

I know ms contin is more for muscle pain, which I have, but also bone pain. I went thru the trouble of getting off of the ultram b/c of all the talk on here which I never understood. I can't tolerate most pills. One doctor said it was from tesion which is ridiculous. They do hurt more when more tense, but the pain started as soon as I pulled my back but not one doctor has put that together,

I am so tired of going on and off but taking nothing hurts too much. I give anyone big credit that can do it.

Hydrocodone is vicodin? I get these mixed up. I know the ms contin and ultram don't make me dopey but it wasn't easy getting off the ultram after you were off a few weeks, I remember being depressed and I think it was b/c of the ssri, yet when on it sometime it helped, sometime not. In reality we don't have a big choice. I know percocet is good for bones but the come down was sickening.

Thanks for your help. I will keep on praying. I will remember you too, if that's ok. My heart always goes out to people on these boards.

Take care.
Hydrocodone is the generic for vicoden and lortab and lorcet to name a few.
I know that some medications are addictive and really hard to detox from but my feeling are that if your in pain and need the medication then you should take it (as prescribed of course).
I have taken tramadol and still do sometimes and it does work for me at times. I have heard the horror stories of this drug as well as many others though also.
Please do not let someone else's problem with one medication scare you from taking it when it does work for your pain.
There are many different types of medicines for pain and we all have to go through the trial and error of finding what is right for us. I would talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns about your medications and if your not comfortable discuss changing them to something else. As I said though be careful your basing your choices on what other people have said about how the medicine effected them as we are all different. taking pain medications for chronic pain is no different than anyone else taking medicine for a disease.
hi, just saw you're post.
Not sure if I can add anymore than tuck and sandee have told you, they are much more knowledgeable than I am.
I do take oxycontin...for DDD in my spine and some of the cause of the radiating pain down my legs, I am not on a very high dose 10mg a.m and 10 p.m.
It does help some at that low dose, I prefer to stay at moderate relief(for the time being) rather than up the dose and get more relief. the only side effect I notice is some dizziness and some spacy feelings...not enough to bother daily activities...
I also use lamotrigine(lamictal) 1800mg for nerve pain
and flexeril for muscles.
Is far as I remember mscontin is morphine so this drug will also build up a tolerance too....
again as far as I know oxycontin is the same ingredient as percocet only a longer acting form and preferable because it doesn't have the tylenol as the second ingredient, so not as hard on you're kidneys..
good luck with whatever works for you, anything is better than the pain
Hi Dylan:

I too suffer from muscle and joint pain. I use the Fentanyl Patch but in your case, it would be too strong for you. I would suggest that you talk with your Doctor and make a plan for your pain management. I know he can help. Please take care and good luck,
Thanks everyone. Opus, I agree, anything is better than the pain, but I try to be careful not to overdo or underdo. I get prone to underdo it but my husband will insist, why suffer?
I did get off the ultram b/c of the thread on here. I truely would like to turn back time (wouldn't we all?) I know exactly when it started but I can't get one doctor to look into it for me. The see the MRI and yes it shows signs of stenosis, discs, ddd, etc., but they all claim nothing terrible, except my body tells me different things. There is just so much out there, meaning, in my opinion, not a great deal and the most used ones like percocet, make me sick. So far, the ultram did help somewhat and esp. when combined with the ms contin. I really don't want to make it complicated.
As many have said it is trial and error. Thanks again, everyone for your help.
Iwish you all well.
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