Burning down lower back and buttocks after fall
by maha_elabyad, Aug 15, 2009
Dear Dr.

I slipped down 4 stairs landing on by buttocks,but hit my lower back.There is a small bruise in the middle of my lower back,but the pain is on the left side of my lower back and the buttocks,it's a Sharp burning pain as if it is an open wound with alcohol put on it! but it seems to be something on the surface not deep in the muscles.

I can walk very slowly and sit up,but with help as it hurts with the burning as I sit or get up! and I am taking pain killers every 8 hours but nothing completely stops the pain!!

I need your advice as I can't go down the stairs to get checked and it has been 10 days now and only slight improvement has happened,and I still need assistance to sit down and get up!!

Please help me,what is wrong??What exactly have I hurt??how long should it take to go back to normal?
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by sandee1818, Aug 15, 2009
I am sorry this happened to you and you and your in so much pain. You really really need to have x-rays and possibly an MRI done to see if you have damaged a disc in your back.
If you want to ask the doctor you need to go to expert forum to do that as we only give advise here.
Do you have a family member that can help you get to the doctor or a friend?
You really need to see your doctor and have these test done to see what is causing your pain.
Please let us know how you are doing and know we are here to support you any way we possibly can:)