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Can "minimal left paracentral disk protrusion at c5-6, without evi...
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Can "minimal left paracentral disk protrusion at c5-6, without evidence of nerve root impingement cause headache?

My MRI results sound as though there is nothing to be concerned about (results posted in the question). If this is nothing to be concerned about, why then for the past 12 years do I continue to have one sided headaches that stem from the shoulder/neck area that the Dr.'s call Migrains? No where do I hear or read that migrains start in the shoulder/neck area and hurt there more than the head itself. Could it be a cervicogenic headache? This is a new dx which I came up with on my own research and does the protrusion have something to do with it or evidence that would help determine it being a cervicogenic headache?? Please help.
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Hi Kim,

I think anything is possible. It is a proven fact that physicians rely too heavily on diagnostic tests such as MRI's. Don't misunderstand me, MRI's are a valuable tool however they are not all inclusive.Often it is discovered that the full extent of the issues was not revealed on these tests until later on in the disease process.

"Patients with cervicogenic headache will often have altered neck posture or restricted cervical range of motion. The head pain can be triggered or reproduced by active neck movement, passive neck positioning especially in extension or extension with rotation toward the side of pain, or on applying digital pressure to the involved facet regions or over the ipsilateral greater occipital nerve." Is this you? These HA are difficult to DX. They are often made my clinical assessments.

Have you seen a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy)? They are medical doctors but there is an added interest/belief in their training. If you are not familiar with them I would do a goggle. If it weren't for a great female Internal Medicine DO I would still be suffering or dead!    

They specialize in the alignment of the body. I have had some nasty migraines relieved through manipulations by my DO. Migraines are not a primary medical issue with me. I see her primarily for other reasons.

I am hopeful that others will post with their opinions and suggestions. I do hope you will consider a consult with a newly graduated DO. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Be better and take care, Tuck
My sister suffers from headaches that her doctor has not diagnosed but she has an old neck injury that bothers her to in which she sees a chiropractor and from the manipulations she gets she also gets relief from the headaches. Neck injuries can cause headache pain.
One thing to keep in mine though it that this may just be an incidental finding.... for example when I had my MRI for my headaches I was told that they found an arachnoid cyst and that I would have to see this other doctor, well when I saw him he told me that it was not causing my headaches... which I found hard to believe because it was something in my brain that really wasn't supposed to be there! I would trust your doctors on their saying this isn't connected... but if it's still really bothering you get a second opinion. :)

However.... this thought just popped into my head... lol see how random I am?? Sorry if I'm going to confuse you here now. :)

But... I know when they were trying to dx my headaches they were thinking my scoliosis was to blame... even though it's very mild they said that just that tiny misaliganment of my spine could be causing my headache. Maybe see a DO like Tuck suggested or a chriopactor.

lol... well I hope I helped more than I confused. :)
Yes and my surgeon does say they are cervicogenic headaches.  I was getting them daily and they were full blown migraines up to the day I had acdf on my C5-C6.  I've gotten two migraines in the last 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery.  I do take maxalt for these headaches and it does help most of the time.
Hello kim

I just had a discectom and fusion at c5-6 and i had pinched nerves and tore disc i was having pain in my left arm and it would go to sleep all the time and i was having sever headaches. My sergeon said that surgery should help with all the  problems and i know that everyone is different but i wish  i would of never had that surgery. i have the same problems plus nerve damage in the right arm now and im not saying that it would be the same  for anyone else but i would tell any one to think real hard and do some research that i did not do and regret it every day

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