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Doctor recommendations......
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Doctor recommendations......

I have been getting a lot of messages from new members concerning PM doctor recommendations. I want to be clear on this, I have helped a few people here that have asked for my help and they have been very grateful to have found a great PM doctor. But I want to make it clear that this is not what the community is for to get doctor referrals. We are a support community that helps each other with the daily struggles we face with chronic pain. I do not want this community to follow some of the other support communities online where people just go to find out how to obtain drugs and use them in a way that is not prescibed or legal. Therefore I will not be giving out any further recommendations for PM doctors. If you want to be a part of a great community I welcome you and hope we can help you any way we can. If a regular member that I am familiar with comes to me for help I would consider that.
I have just been over loaded with new members wanting to find a good PM doctor and as much as I want to help them as we all know you can never tell if the person wanting the information is on the up and up or not.
I do not want to sound condescending , as I said I just would like to keep out community as great as it is:)
I hope this does not offend anyone as that is not my intention at all.
I get so much from the great members here and I hope I can give back just a portion of what I receive:)
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I totally agree here. I have also been asked for information leading to clinics and while I have done so in the past with members who I know, I do not make a practice out of it. . The web is full of information regarding Pain Management Doctors in particular areas and that is a great place to start. I will no longer aid members looking for pain management.

Clinics and their Doctors are also a nice place to find information on a good Pain Clinic. Do some research...they are out there.


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I never offer recommendations to an individual physician. It's not a good practice. Although my PCP is excellent (she's also my PMP) I would never recommend her to someone else.

The Internet is a good source of information as well as local word of mouth. I encourage everyone to utilize it.  

Best of luck to everyone.
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I am new here, and I totally understand
not wanting to help people find a Pain Mgmt
Dr, especially considering how limited your
contact is via the Internet. On the other
hand, it is extremely difficult to find a
good dr when you are a chronic pain patient.
I live in Eastern Washington, and I have
yet to locate a PMP in my town. My PCP
handles my pain meds, which leaves me
largely undertreated, but I understand
a lot of primary dr's are not comfortable
prescribing heavy narcotics. The "Pain
spcecialists" I have gone to only do
injections, nerve ablations, ect. I have
tried many different treatments, and at
this point, meds are my only option, besides
home care, as I have no insurance. Anyway,
it is very frustrating for me, I have searched
all of the internet, and cannot find a PMP
as of yet, I know if I ever find one, I
would most likely have much better quality
of life. At this point, I am depressed,
I have 3 children, 2 of them are babies,
and it is a daily struggle to get through
the day and care for my family.
Thank you,
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Hi Allison,
     I am sorry for the predicament your in. It is a problem finding a good PM doctor these days. I understand totally the frustration and being under treated. Have you asked your PCP doctor for recommendations? Also the hospitals usually have a referral line that would help you.
There are foundations such as the American pain foundation that have a list of good doctors in your area. I would check all the pain foundation listings and see if that helps too.
We have all been here needing a great PM doctor and have went through many to find the one that suits us each. Do not give up there are some great ones out there:)
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I have asked my dr, and she mentioned a
dr in town, but I cannot get a referral
until I have insurance, which I am hoping
to have in the next month or so. I did
check out their website, and it looks
like they do treatments, but no meds.
It is a tough situation a lot of pain
patients are in. I have done many
treatments, and while I am open to and have
tried everything they have suggested,
it is frustrating when so many things don't work,
and the cost of these treatments is also
a huge factor. I just want to be functional,
to be able to take care of my children, and
without struggling through life, unable
to enjoy my kids, and depressed, which makes
me feel like a failure as a wife as well.
I mean, who wants to come home from a long
day at work to their wife, who can not be
possibly be much fun.
Sorry, I am rambling...Anyway, I am going
to keep looking, and hopefully I will find
some long term relief soon, cause this is
getting OLD! Thanks for the welcome, I have
been reading for awhile, but just finally
joined up.
Thank you,
547368 tn?1440545385
Hi Allison,

I understand your frustration. For years physicians would not even consider I had true chronic pain. I gave up and quit complaining and quit looking which proved to be to my detriment. Don't do as I did. Keep searching. I'm sorry to tell you that it took me almost ten years.

You are not a failure. Please don't feel that way. Apparently you have chronic pain. No one can understand what you are going through until they have been there.

I take narcotics but I am still not able to function to the degree that I would want to function. My activity tolerance is extremely low but that does not make me a failure, and you are not a failure either. If a person has diabetes are they are failure? If a person has MS are they a failure? Of course not. Chronic pain is no different, it is also a disease.  

I don't know you state practices. In my state, Wisconsin it is our PCP that prescribe our narcotics and follow their CP patients. PMP do not prescribe narcotics, they only provide treatments and sometimes diagnosis.

Maybe you need to find another PCP. Have a heart to heart with yours first. Explain that your pain is not controlled. Explain how your pain effects the quality of your life. Ask for suggestions, request better pain management. Be assertive. You are your own best health care advocate.

If she is not willing to assist in the management of your CP it may be time to change physicians. Remember that they are service providers, granted educated and trained service providers but no different than a plumber. We hire them and they work for us. If they do not provide the service that we need or expect, find someone that will.

I wish you the very best and hope that you will find some solutions. But please never feel like a failure. We'll look forward to hearing from you again.

535089 tn?1400677119
For most of us, it takes a good long while to find good pain managemant. I know it took me a few years to finally be able to have a Physician that felt comfortable enough to prescribe pain meds.

Through the years with this Doctor and my pain increasing to where she wasn't comfortable treating me anymore did I find my current Doctor who is not only an MD but a DO as well. He has had no problem prescribing the meds needed to control my pain.

So I guess what I'm saying here is that it may take you a while to find pain management but you will. They are out there and like you said, your insurance will kick in soon and then you'll get the referral needed.

Hang in there...
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Thank you so much for your thoughtful
reponses. I should have started a new
thread, I didn't mean to hijack this
one.:) I was rear ended in 2003, and
after trying to alleviate the pain non-
surgically, I underwent a spinal fusion
in 2005, because of horrible leg pain.
It actually seemed better for awhile, but
after about 2 years the leg pain came back,
and has only gotten worse. I started having
scans, and injections, and was scheduled
for nerve ablation when I found out I was
pregnant again, and was unable to continue
treatment. My pregnancy was almost unbearable
and the back and leg pain has not improved
since, it has only gotten worse. I take
hydrocodone, 4X daily, and it only takes
the edge off at this point. My dr and nurse
(who I adore) know very well how depressed
I am, and how much pain I am in, but I
get the feeling she just isn't comfortable
prescribing anything more than that. I am
on a waiting list for the Chronic Disease
Management Clinic, but it will be at least
a couple months. I am doing my best to stay
positive, the pain has just been going on
for such a long time, that it is hard to
do that.
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I live in Kentucky and just had back surgery 80bolts and screws 3rods and this amazing mechanism that goes across my back I'm so thankful for my surgeon I had in Louisville b4,my surgery I was taking methadone for pain it is amazing how good it works on pain they were giving me everything after surgery and after 48hrs they gave me one dose of methadone(2/10mg) by mouth with in the hour I wasn't screaming anymore. Drs are so a fraid to treat a patient with methadone in Kentucky for fear of losing there license but in other states is normal practice it last much much longer and works so much better on pain (if being used right!) But because of the drug seekers that Still get what they want others like me suffer I had surgery in July and am having to wait to get in to a pm Dr in sep to get relief and again it won't be methadone.plz can someone help me find a Dr here in Kentucky that can help?
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Sorry for the two post I'm new at this
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I would recommend asking your family Dr or your back specialist if they know of any Pain management Drs or clinics. I would think one of them could at least recommend a couple of Drs for you. If they can't, you may have to do this on your own by googling pain specialists and clinics in your area.
You had your surgery in July. Did your back specialist put you in to physical therapy? I've heard that's what usually happens after back surgery and when a person is ready to do it. Your back Dr might prescribe meds for you until you start getting better. Some do and some don't.
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Please begin a new thread (question) instead of hijacking another one - it's to your advantage.

If you headline a new question with what's most important you should get more responses because you have more visibility.

Your question(s) and concerns are important to our community. Please begin a new question.

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