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Drug test mix up???
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Drug test mix up???

I am really bothered today and trying to find an answer. Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice.

I have been seeing a pain mangement doctor for almost 2 years because of several fractured bones in my back, sacrum and tailbone as well as other injuries. I have been prescibed vicodin 750 - 3-4 times a day and also Soma. I see my PM monthly. I ALWAYS take my prescriptions daily - I have not missed one day of prescriptions in the whole 2 years of pain mangement. In that 2 years I have been urine tested twice.

The last time I was urine tested was in April. So I see my doctor today and he says that my drug test showed only Soma in my urine and NO Vicodin. I told him I take the Vicodin every single day. He told me I was a liar and said he knows the truth and the truth was on that paper he was holding. He said I was probably selling them or I gave him someone else's urine (ewww!). I DID NOT!!! He was just mean. He said that paper would hold up in a court of law and it did not matter what I said. But I take my meds as he prescribes them!! I don't understand. Also when I tried to question him about the results he said I was being very very defensive and that "concerned" him. I was not being defensive, I was asking (in a very nice way) how it could be possible since I talk all the meds as prescribed -I was just asking, he accused me of all kinds of things I would never do.

I also was wondering if Prozac would show up on that drug test. My primary care doctor prescribed me some because my dad died in the begining of April and I am having a very hard time dealing with it. I forgot to tell my PM, but he did not mention the Prozac showing up on the drug test. Would that show up? Also the day of the drug test, I did not have to pee. I told him I had trouble peeing in a cup anyways and they told me to drink more water. I drank LOTS and LOTS of water. They said if I did not pee in the cup, I could find another doctor. I asked them if I could give them a blood test and they said "NO"!!

I am hurt and upset. Today he basically yelled at me, he would NOT look at my back or anything, but he handed me my prescriptions and I left. He did not even look at my problems.

Can someone tell me if it is possible that the drug test could be mixed up? Would the Prozac show up? I have nothing to hide at all. I am not sure what to do. I also take vitamin B-12....could that effect anything? Do they keep the specimins they test? Should I try to clear my name or just let it go?

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I've never heard or known of anything that can effect a narcotic urine screen. And for what shows's run many diferent kinds of drug tests. They can see what is simply in your Urine like opioids or benzos to what levels of your medicines are in your system.  Dont qoute me on this but I'm not so sure Prozac enters into the urine as anything more than unidentifiable metabolites. But I'm not a DR and understand only what I have experienced myself with Urine Tests.
Someone may come along that knows Prozac a little better than I.
        There have been ocassions like with any test that a mistake was made or a mix up in the lab occured although it's not usually likely.
But if you truely were taking your medication the way you were supposed to and it didnt show up at all,  then I would guess that there really was some sort of mistake at the lab.
   How much water you drinl would only have a very small effect on your bodies metabolism of the drug (all opioids are metabolized leaving behind "fingerprints" in your urine) But if you were really taking the medication everyday it would be impossible for you to flush them away(it's imposssible to flush them away with water even if you werent taking them everyday) If you were taking the medication everyday the medication would be constantly metabolized by your body throughout the day creating not only the evidence in your urine but a level also.

Your in an extreamly frustrating and difficult situation. If another drug test was run he could argue that you began taking it but that you werent before.  It's extreamly difficult when your talking short acting medication unlike a long release medication that is continuesly running through your system.
If you signed a pain contract I'm afraid your a bit more stuck than if you didnt. You have then agreed that the DR may discharge you from his treatment at ANY time. What you really may want to worry about is what is now said in your medical records. You will most likely be Flagged or blacklisted as your DR's suspects your selling your medication.

If you were truely taking your medication and you honestly need it to function because of the pain then you should fight this in any way you can which will most likely mean going above just the DR and getting yourself a lawyer. It will be a fight as they cant just remove medical notes from your chart but can only add notes as a "correction."  The process would be very long and very time consuming to actually have something removed.
I'm sorry, but this is going to follow you everywhere you go. If you really need the meds you have no choice but to fight.
I'm sorry your in this position
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I am sorry your in such a predicament. Dr's do get very agitated when they think they have been fooled into giving meds to someone who does not need them. I think you sound very sincere , maybe there was some kind of mix up with the lab. When you say he had the paper in his hand I will assume they sent it out for test and when they do extensive test everything your taking will show up. If they are doing a in house test it would simply tell them if your urine was positive for the hydrocodone and soma. I believe your was sent out to a lab and therefore much more precise.
You can try and talk to your Dr but to be very honest I don't think it will do much good. You need to be looking for a new Dr while you have your meds so you will not run out. I am very surprised he gave you your scripts thats one thing you can look at as a blessing because I have never known a Dr to give someone scripts after what you went through. I hope you will find a new Dr and will get the help you need with your pain.
Good luck
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Thanks Toomanyadvil and sandee1818 for your response. I appriciate it. I am just so upset by what my doctor told me.

The day I took the test I think they looked at the results first and then sent it out. That test was taken 6 weeks ago and I have seen him twice since and he just brought it up yesterday.

I have pain everyday all day long. I have been seeing this doctor because I heard he was good and I follow all his recomendations with the hope of feeling some more relief. I signed a contract with him. I saw no problems with signing the pain management contract cause I have nothing to hide - so I never thought twice about it.

Everytime I go to see him he looks at my back or images of my spine and he always says how badly I was injured and that he can see and knows I am in a lot of pain.

3-4 Vicodin a day is not that much. I get 90 pills a month and I count them out so I know not to run out before the next appointment. So on the days I need to take 4 - I know there will be days I have to take only 2. So I keep track that I always have enough. I am responsible with them.

There are many times the doctor will look at my back and say lets give you this kind of injection. Sometimes they are epidural, other back injections and a sacral joint injection. These injections HURT!! But when I try to ask the doctor why. I am never given a choice or option with my treatment. But I trusted the doctor. I figure he is doing these to make me feel better. Sometimes I ask him about my injuries and he does not answer me or he is busy. I don't want to be doing this stuff - but I have to to feel some level of relief!!!

I am not sure what to do still. I trusted my doctor. I feel so bad about how he talked to me. I am in pain all the time and I just want someone to help me. I worry of I go to look for a new pain doctor, they may not be as helpful. Also there is only one other pain doctor in this area and I heard he is very hard to deal with.

I know these doctors get addicts and dishonest people. But I was telling the truth!!!!!!!

After the appointment yesterday, I went to an outside lab that does drug tests and asked them if I could pay cash to have a blood test done the days my doctor gives me the urine tests. They said they would not give me a test without a script from my doctor!

I am hoping this all works out.

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Hi anne
   Sounds like you did everything right. Followed the script, agreed to whatever TX they suggested although it was painful to get the injections. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason to this.
  There should never be a problem with signing a pain contract and you did the right thing by signing it. PM can terminate treatmembt regardless of whether thet have a signed contract. The contract just makes it harder to correct an unjustice because according to the DR you were selling your meds. Unfortunitly in this situation he's got the power and the pen.
  I really wish I could just say, go look for another DR, it will be fine, good luck!
But, I think you should ne prepared for what may happen after this.
My advice to you is to go about getting a copy of your medical records. Not just to give to another PM DR but your going to need to see what this DR has to say about this situation so you know what your dealing with.
It is strange that he continued to give you a script after the accusation so it is possible he hasnt made a comment yet about his accusation. But that is not always the more likely situation. If he is angry enough to terminate your treatment, he is going to have to say why. You need to know what he says so that you are prepaired to answere any questions from a new PM DR. It's just not that easy to go out and get a new one after something like this, medical records follow you everywhere. And another DR may be extreamly hesitaant to prescribe to you after reading about the accusation.

Sure you can search for a new DR asap, but your going to have to tell them up front about what has happened with your last PM so that when they read your past medical record they dont feel fooled or manipulated.

I really do wish I had some easy advice for you. But the best thing to do right now is go about getting a copy or your records and search for a new DR. And be prepared to tell them everything honestly upfront.  Dont listen to what you've heard about this other PM in your area. Make an app. yourself and find out. You never know the circumstances of what you hear.

If you cant find a DR and this accusation is on record and you want to fight this for the sake of your good name and future treatment then you will want to get legal help.

A best defense to a situation like this is the knowlege you can get from only your records.  I'm afraid there is nothing you can do right now about your DR's urine test unless he is willing to hear you out. Although he may be trying to avoid any confronation as they all do in this situation, especially because he really believes you were lying and manipulating him.

I'm sorry your in this situation right now. This is honestly what we all fear and it's terrible that you have had to find out how it feels. I'm sure you just feel sick over it. Especially because you cant change his opinion of you.

Were always here for you if you need anything

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I almost completely forgot to mention something else.
I know that the pain medication has obviously been supporting you through your pain and sometimes there isnt another non-narcotic medication that can take the place of opioids. But in the case that this situation does turn out badly, there are many other options you can at the very least give a shot if you needed to.
Antidpressants, NSAIDS, anti-convulsants and non-narcotic anti-anxieties.
Studies have proven that some of these medications block the message of pain to your nerves andmay improve your symptoms while NSAIDS helps inflamation (inflammation).
Also there is always acupuncture, accupressure and herbalism. You would need to see an herbalist thought for the best results or if your still taking some of the medication as you never want to combine or mix herbs and chemical compounds without a DR's approval. I know you've probably heard these things thousands of times as we all have and
I'm crossing my fingers for you, but in the case that rectifying the situation doesnt have a quick fix, just know your not without some options or hope. And if you have tried some you may want to keep trying them until you find one that helps.

Just a thought,
Hope these have helped you a bit.
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Im in the same boat as you just that your PM gave you your scrips. Mine FLAT OUT REFUSED TO.. I have been on Methadone a vicodin for 3 years or more and I took a urine test last month, The only one he has ever given me and It came up that I dont take my meds at all. I take my meds all the time like clock work, UNLESS I have to drive to the drs office or I know I have to take the kids somewhere cause I will not drive on them. He called me a lyer and that the drug tests dont lie. Well in my case they must lie cause I take my pills all the time. I havent been on them now since thrusday cause HE JUST UP AND STOPPED THEM. he didnt even give me something for withdrawls. Im in SOOOO much pain im ready to pull my hair out. He told me that I wasent going to need anything for withdrawls cause my test came back negitive for the meds he put me on. I cant understand how that could have happened. Like I said I take my pills all the time up until Thursday when I ran out and no longer have them cause the A** refused to give them to me. He also told me NEVER to come back to his office again. He is the only PM dr in my area so I really dont know what to do. Im starting to go threw withdrawls, I feel like im all alone. I cant understand how the test could come back NEGATIVE. I really cant. My dr never said I was selling them or anything like that But Just stopped them just like that... I told him if I wasent taking them why would I have agreed to the test. RIGHT? who would if they thought that it was going to hurt them??? I had no reason to feel that way.. I think my dr has it out for me cause I refused to have the SCS. I refuse to be cut open and have something put inside my body that isent 100% garentee to work. Then he questioned me about when I told him that the LIDODERM patches made my pain worse then it was before i used them, Has anyone had that happen. He flat out called me a lyer on that too.. You sound like you might have the same DR as me.. Where are you from??
all I ask is for someone to PLEASE HELP...
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