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Has anyone else had success with BuTrans?
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Has anyone else had success with BuTrans?

Hi Everyone!  Has anyone else had succes with the new BuTrans patch?  I've read so many negative comments about the patch on this and other sites, and I want to share my experience with BuTrans patches, as I have just been using them for about a month.  They have been a true blessing for me.  I have had chronic pain from migraines and daily headaches for more than 20 years, and just recently was diagnosed with bulging disks at C5 and C6 with the pinched/inflammed nerves that comes with the bulging disks.  

I had no idea I had a neck/spinal problem (most probably caused from a serious car accident in 1990 and have had gradually increasing symptoms)  and was treating the symptoms (awful daily headaches and migraines 15+ time per month) with everything from Lortab to Percocet to oral Diladud.  

As many of you may already know, the pain never really went away and I was taking more and more pills chasing the pain and hoping to "prevent" a migraine.  It never worked.  

My neurologist sent me to Pain Management and I was started on the BuTrans 5 mcg patch, which helped but not 100%, for a month then was bumped to the 10 mcg patch a few weeks ago.  What a HUGE difference!  But in addition, I'm still prescribed Percocet 10/325 for breakthrough pain---and it DOES work with the patch, I can definately tell the difference when I add a Percocet.

For those of you out there who are doubting this patch, or are scared to try it because the websites say the opiate in the patch is so powerful, I really encourage you to give it a chance.  I have had NO side effects, and am not experiencing any of the fuzziness or sleepiness I did after taking a couple of Percocets for pain, before the medicine leveled out.  It's a nice, evenly distributed and continuous release of meds that gives no real high but is extremely effective for chronic pain. Some of the other threads and sites I read indicated those using BuTrans couldn't effectively use other meds for breakthrough pain, but I'm here to tell you, you can.  

This is just my far.  It may not last, but I'm trying to keep positive because this is the first time in more than 20 years I feel comfortable on a consistant basis.  The funny thing about CP is, I've realized, that when I got a little relief, I began to see just how much pain I've tolerated.  Bittersweet victory, but I'll take what I can get!

I hope this helps even one of you reading this....because it has changed my life.

Having Hope in Las Vegas
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Sounds like the patch is working for you exactly the way it was designed to.  Great news!  I think most of the negative publicity is because some doctors advertise it as non-addictive, which it certainly is not.  It contains the same narcotic ingredient as Suboxone/ Subutex which is used to help addicts detox off street narcotics.  People hear about that and freak out thinking they'll be addicts if they use the Butrans patch.  Ah well, misinformation is everywhere and ultimately people will believe what they want to believe.

Have you looked into surgery to deal with discs?  That may be the only way to finally get rid of your pain.  I had two major neck surgeries back in the 90's and I'm amazed at how much better and less invasive the surgical techniques are now.  My sister had 5 discs dealt with last summer by a surgeon who uses minimally invasive techniques and she was doing great in a couple of months. Absolutely amazing to me after what I went through.  I ultimately weightlifted my way out of neck, arm and back pain when surgery alone made it a whole lot worse.  It's never been back.

Anyway, great news that Butrans is helping you.  It's so nice to hear a good report on any pain management therapy for a change!
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