How do I ease my pain from my Ovarian Cyst?
by Emmie_Kaye, Apr 13, 2011
I am sixteen and I have a Corpus Luteum Cyst on my left ovary. It's causing me a lot of pain in  BOTH sides of my abdomen. I bloat until I look like I've just found out I am pregnant! It has a "hard" or tough feel and when I'm digesting my food I am in excruciating pain. I also get head aches and back pains in my lower back.I haven't produced any stool in two days but I don't feel constipated. If anyone is going through what I am, please let me know what helps the pain. I have a prescription but it wears off VERY quickly. Any answer or suggestion is appreciated.
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by Ashelen, Apr 13, 2011
Ibuprofen and heat....take hot baths....unfortunately if the prescription pain meds aren't doing much all you can do is wait, it will eventually resolve itself. I had cysts beginning after my son was born 9 months ago and they hurt quite a lot, but once it bursts ( the way, just to warn you) the pain will be gone.

I might go back to my doctor and ask him if there's anything else he can prescribe, if I were you...maybe there's something else they can try that would help, but in my experience, severe pain like cysts, or kidney stones...the pain medicine NEVER lasts long enough, no matter what they give you :-(.

Good luck hon I hope you feel better soon.
by rdemain, Apr 13, 2011
So true I have a fairly large cyst on my right ovary and every so ofter for weeks in a row it is so unbearable, it is awful in this day and time we should have live with that.  Someone should discover a way of just sticking a needle in and sucking out what ever it is and shrinking it.  I take Motrin everyday to just keep it at bay it does help some but it ***** for your stomach eventually.  Sometimes that doesn't even help and sometimes I have to go to the emergency room just for them to give me the really strong stuff and then it stays away for a while with the motrin.  I want them to take it out.  but they wont which is wrong.

I hope you get to feeling better
by tyranikki, Apr 11, 2013
I am thirteen years old and I also have very large cysts on both my left and right. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, I also go to the Emergency room when it gets really bad. but to ease the pain I lay on my heating pad and take a relaxing, hot bath. for now I see my gynecologist almost every 2-3 months to get an ultrasound and check up. and yes I know I am very young to have a cyst on my ovaries. but I do. but I hope you get better!:D