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I feel stereo typed, not getting pain relief and proper diagnosis.
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I feel stereo typed, not getting pain relief and proper diagnosis.

It seems that everyone is able to get the pain relief that works for them from their Dr.'s. My neurologist will only give Tramadol 50mil three times a day for pain. I have unexplained pain due to possible fibro. They've done a ton of blood work only to find B12 deficiency. next is a bone scan for me April 6th. I tried Lyrica and had bad side effects. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I got bad chest pains on Lyrica and felt as if a lump was in my throat.  When i called the neuro that's when i got Tramadol, but I tried it and it only took away the flu like achiness, not the deep muscle pain. My neck lately has been killing me! My legs are also a major pain area. When I called about the Tramadol not working he gave me Savella. I looked it up and it is basically the same thing as Lyrica. Plus I take celexa and it's not good to take both. Plus the risks of increased anxiety and depression. I really don't want to go that route. So I never went and picked up the script for Savella. I just take the Tramadol and suffer through the muscle pain.  I'm young, 28, three kids, husband is deployed in Afghanistan, just left a month ago. I have my lip pierced, a half sleeve tattoo, and some acne. I think they say, DRUG SEEKER in their heads. I am really a pain relief seeker and diagnosis seeker! It is so fustrating. I feel like I need to take my lip piercing out, wear a long sleeve shirt and cover up the acne with make up before I see the Dr. But I don't feel good. I can't even wear jeans, my skin hurts too! I'm starting to hate my life! I have a good life with my three beautiful babies and great husband. i just live everyday in pain.
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You need to get into a pain management clinic.  They treat fibromyalgia and can give you better treatment then the neuro you are currently seeing.  Good luck.

Not to say that your piercings are not a good thing but I feel that you hit it right on the head. Many Doctors, especially the older ones look at the lip piercings as hanging with a certain crowd that part takes in drug activity. Along with the tattoos, this may what's stopping you from receiving good pain management. They say not to judge a book by it's cover but unfortunately some do and I feel that's where your falling.

You may have to cover up and take out the lip jewelry to present yourself as someone who really needs the meds and not just seeking.

It's a shame that the world is still should not be this way.

Good luck and I really hope you find some great pain management.
My best,
I agree, It shouldnt be this way but it is!!
I agree maybe if you go see a pain specialist they can help you and on your first visit take out the things that make you feel that you are being judge as a drug seeker by and then see how that goes. I mean if it was me I would try it to get my pain under control and once you get to know your dr you can start wearing it again.
I went to a nerve dr also and he called and told me that he can't treat me cause I am in need of long term pain meds and he don't do that so I am waiting to see a pain dr. I was on  gabapentin and it did nothing for me. The nerve dr kept increasing my dose and the side effects got really bad to the point I was falling asleep drivng, and eating if you can believe that one and my hands and legs and feet got so swollen so he said since drugs like gabapentin didn't work he can't treat me. So look into seeing a pain specialist and see what happens.
Good luck,
I did a post on this awhile back. How we look and present ourselves makes a huge difference on how we are treated. A very sad fact but true.
I too suggest you remove the piercings and cover the tattoo's and wear clothing that is conservative. I have had numerous experiences with this. I am one that dresses to the nines and I wear professional style clothes when seeing the doctor but when I am feeling bad and in pain I dress down to jeans a nice blouse and I have personally seen the difference this makes. It makes a very big difference on how your treated and what medication options your given.
I am sorry you are in this position but try to dress conservative and cover the other things that are perceived to be a drug look and see how it goes.
Like I said it is a sad fact that we have to do this but in order to be treated with some respect and have the doctor hear us and our medical problems instead of labeling us we need to do what we have to to get the treatment we need and deserve.
I hope it works out better for you:)
Hi Maky,

I agree with your assessment and what others have posted. In fact I think I just discussed this in another post.

I went years undiagnosed and saw specialist after specialist. They all dismissed me.  I had many unfounded labels.

When my pain was finally taken seriously, diagnosed and treated I asked why no physician before seemed to beleived me. I was told that in a large part it was because of how I presented myself. I was usually in a business suit, well groomed, articulate and functioning in a professional career. I asked if ppl like me didn't have pain. I was told yes but some physicians could not get past the presentation and that fact that I was still able to function. That statement came from a physician.  

First impressions are important. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is not. What I have learned is to dress for the part. Give them what they want to see. Have you not noticed that if you are shopping and look like you have some money to spend you will be waited on first, or treated better than someone who does not appear as if they have some money to spend. It's a sad fact. If I am shopping for something that is important and I feel I may need some assistance I always dress well. Of course that doesn't matter in places like Wally World.

I too think you need to get into a good PM Clinic.
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