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I see no ref to pain management
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I see no ref to pain management

Am new to forums stumbled upon pain management..all I see is addiction forum..
True, as we with chronic pain are dependent..all patients should not be addicts by definition
We feel bad enough
I never did drugs or anything but a few alcoholic cannot drink because of meds.. do I get to this community on forums.
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Welcome. Glad you stumbled on this board. We as a group offer mental support for those in pain. Sometimes there is a idea from one of the members that can be helpful but as always, check with a doctor your trust.
A lot of the ideas here are from people who learn to do research and educate themselves on their condition and medications. There are other people here that jut want to explain what they are going through and ask for help or ideas. We are willing to listen to anything you have to offer and I am sure you will get a response from one of the member who has had a similar experience that maybe you can relate to. Stay tuned in and see what happens....
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Hi, just a note to say I have really enjoyed reading your discussions support to everybody on this couch..
We are all in this together..
I have had chronic neuropathy pain for years ...I am not diabetic and theory is that it is autoimmune in nature..
I had not known the push for pain physicians to get chronic pain pts on time release opiates..
I am a retired med professional..not a doctor..
thirteen yrs ago when my pain specialist saw me, I was not put on opiates....
I was evaluated and took
Nortriptylline, neuron tin and Prozac....
I saw him every 6 months and he gave me referrals to spine drs for cortisone shots, then radiofrequency ablation-shots to my back for facet joint problems,  dentists for mouth guards for trigeminal neuralgia, etc..
When I started on opiate meds..I was put on them as an as needed med for my increasing pain..that was 6 yrs ago..
.Last year, my thyroid sent me spiraling into a deep hole and I was struggling with thyroiditis I did not know I had..., In oct I was put on thyroid supplements..I mention this because I believe my whole system and so, all meds had to be re-evaluated..
I was put on time release opiates in December and my doctor said " I hate to do this" and just added that it would be more convenient to take the opiate meds twice a day.
I know how important it is to keep a  med diary ...but had never done it...
However last yrs problems were terrible for me and I did it for me and also for anybody who could help me in the future by reading it..
.. I have 3 days to a page ..on  a regular school 8x12 page.
I write this to help others..
Do this!
I had such bad effects from the new opiate..
every 12hr dosage was hell and I had to take the dose indicated of course and it was supposed to be " opiate equivalent"  to the opiate I had been taking in immediate dose form for 4 years.
I had breakthru immediate release meds to take...but I hate opiates and tried to never take them and only had a few....certainly not enough to stop taking the time release meds and take just break thru meds!
My diary shows how I felt after every dose of every med not just opiates.
After 6weeks my abdomen was so painful that I thought I had peritonitis..saw a gi doc and he did ultasound of abdomen and said nothing wrong! Omg...i was in twice the pain i had been in..
Opiate induced hyperalgesia was never mentioned and I was finding that the time release opiate relieved pain for 8 to 10 hours..after that time..I would be in pain and sweat..drenching sweat...Sometimes just drenching sweat but not in pain..
I know opiates can do these things..I have learned so much from these  forums ....
Two weeks ago I was so nauseated and in pain so bad that I called my pain specialist who put me on a lower dose time release med that after a week had me with the same adverse effects..
I was so surprised because  it was half the dose of Opiate..

I do understand time release meds supposedly cannot be tampered . .I understand the push to get so many immediate release opiates off the street...Fortunately, I never feel the need for these meds other than pain but I do admit that I would panic if I did not know I would be able to take them for pain.
..Emergency rooms have us all on a list and cannot give opiates to any of us if we have opiates stolen or even if we need them because the pain gets worse and we run out!
When my thyroiditis was raging, I went to the ER as i felt i needed to get my thyroid nodule pain checked out, just wanted them to check my sore throat and my being unable to swallow..
I told them all my meds of course..I just wanted them to check my thyroid..
They gave me a referral to see my pain dr as they couldn't give me opiates..I was livid because I was not there for pain meds!
My pain doctor took me off the time release opiate  4 days ago and my stomach is great..only 4 days and at least the terrible abdomen pain was gone!
I was asked to bring my pain diary ...i have a very extensive daily med diary! Wow ,am I glad I made one...I might be able to get back on immediate release meds..I have, in 4 days..been able to cut my opiate daily dose by 40%..just sweating withdrawal nightmares!
Blessings..thanks for letting me dance!

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Extended release meds sometimes only last for 8-10hrs. That is why many doctors Rx them for 3xday rather than the recommended 2xday.  You mention that you had pain and sweating after the 8-10hr mark so that seems like a pretty easy adjustment to me, just let the doctor know they aren't lasting the full 12hrs and he should adjust your meds. There is a good chance that you are experiencing w/drawal after 8hrs until you take the next one at the 12hr mark. W/drwl includes sweating, nausea, diarreah (diarrhea), gooseflesh, pain, etc. Once you get the dose adjusted correctly ER or CR meds should be the best route to take due to the absence of peaks and valleys of immediate release medications. Hope this was helpful.
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This is a belated bless u from the bottom of my heart.
I have sent u message since, did u get it?
It was hellishly long but needed to rant.
Your messages to others is very uplifting!
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Thank u for your comments..
I Agree with u completely and am a retired pharmacist ..believe me... I can only get the best info, advice from these forums.
My pain specialist did the wrong thing. In my honest oopion.
He did give me immediate release for what I call break thru pain..but I was not in pain...just sweating tremendously after about 8hrs and he told me to try over the counter dextromethorphan 10mg cough syrup 3x daily... to fake my Mu receptors...
I have, since your thankful answer, had terrible abdominal pain...and after gi dr. Ruled out pancreas or gall bladder involvement..
My pain dr put me on a lower dose, other narcotic time release..
In a week my abdomen pain just as bad and I am now on hydromorphone 4mg 4 times a day and Mu abdomen still unbearable..
I had thrown this to my being decreased from 120mg morphine /24hr to 60mg/24 hr in 4 weeks...per opiate equiv.chart..
All during this my bad. Pain is worse and I cannot tell if it is stomach or left
I know the ablation on lumbar one for left celiac plexus pain has worn off

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Sorry, doing this on my iPad and it is doing strange things..
Just meant to say abdomen pain worse and am trying to get to my spinal anaesthesiologists to suggest what to do for lumbar pain which radiates around to left plexus nerve pain..
Sorry, I did not get to edit previous message..
Thanks for your help...and so sorry for rambling..just that my body has not adjusted but you are so correct in that I had to take zofran for nausea.. And I would love to take any am not wanting to accept a set dose but theoretically u are oh so correct...and pain specialists are being pushed for many prescribe extended release for chronic pain.
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hey madman--icannot--bill--
i was just  looking around and spotted some favorite folks here so i am reading----and--whoa--cowabunga--i read about me. I do take opiates--don't tell anybody--they are so dirty--bad   bad---stupid opiates----God i wish  people would stop putting down poppy flower help!
     Anyway i have to agree with you icannot about the quick acting pills---i prefer them to time-release. You know there may just be differences again in how we experience this flower. And i am convinced that there is a chemical difference too!  And i am a psych- teacher-yogi research-genius---egomaniacal-poppy and pot imbiber . Hey who is up for medicinal poppies?
     And i do wish it wasn't needed for my pain---i wouldn't touch it again.

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