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Lower Left Pelvic Pain???
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Lower Left Pelvic Pain???

What could be a cause for lower left pelvic pain (mostly a sharp, stabbing type of pain and at times crampy pain) in a 26 year old female?  What gynaecological or GI related things could cause this pain?
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Hi Pretzel

   The lower left pevic pain could have many causes from being caused by Gyno, GI and depending on how far left and how your body handles a UTI, could be a urinary infection. Where is the cramp pain? Is it all over the abdomen? High low?
Abdominal pain for woman can have a handful of different causes.
   What came to mind first was an ovarian Cyst that could have possibly ruptured letting free fluid into your abdomen. It's rarely dangerous but can cause a severe amount of pain. Both stabbing and a general cramping feeling. Your lower left abdomen is where your left ovarie is located.
it could also be endometriosis that tends to act up during ovulation and the menstraul cycle, normal ovulation or even a bacteial infection.
  Since your lower GI tract is located thrughout the abdomen pains from IBS can fell like a problem with your reproductive sysyem and visa versa.
Bacterial infections like a UTI can cause all sorts of pain throughout your lower abdomen depending on how low and how left the stabbing pain is. But UTI's can also cause a general cramp that feels like it radiates through the abdomen.
    So really there are a handful or reasons from abdominal pain and cramping.
I would suggest making an app. with your Gyno to get tested for a bacterial infection or a UTI. If all the tests come back negative and your still in pain your gyno may refer you to an internal ultra sound which enables them to have a better look inside your abdomen and is sometimes the only way to spot an ovarian cyst and free gluid grom one that could rupture.
Many times have I had a ruptured cyst that couldnt be seen with a cat scan or external ultra sound.
  If the pain still persist without a found reason then its time to look into seeing a gastrointerologist for things like IBS.
Since it could be something easily taken care of, best to start with your gyno for tests that can be performed in office like ones for UTI, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

But I am not a DR so they would know much better than anyone what could possibly be causing your pain and cramping.
I have unfortunitly experienced the same pain as you and know how uncomfortable and painful it can be.
I hope you find the problem and can take care of the pain.
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