Morphine and Oxycodone
by swanlinnet, Jan 25, 2011

I found the forum while trying to find help about my current medication.

About two years ago an x ray revealed degenerative dics in my neck region. The pain at that time was excrutiating. My Doctor prescribed first dihydrocodeine and then after the codeien didn't really touch the pain Morphine. (Severedol)

Today I have to take 60mg of Morphine each day and since being prescribed this drug have been very cautious not to, quote, become an "addict". In fact, for the last 18 months the 60mg dose of IR Morphine has not increased at all.

About a week ago pain in my neck really and truly began to cripple me and I went to see my GP and told him I was very reluctant to increase the dose of Morphine.

After listening to my thoughts, he prescribed liquid Morphine and my question is :

Is liquid Morphine somehow differenty to tablet-form Morphine? I am very reluctant to take the Morphine. Even so, he is the doctor I'm only a musician : )

My second question I would be grateful fro help with is that a lady I know who sufferes severe pain from degenerative bone disease is prescribed Morphine IR and Oxycodone.

She tells me this combination works well for her.

Does anyone have any experience of this particular combination of Morphine IR and Oxycodone?  I would be so grateful for your suggestions and exeprience. I did discuss this with my GP and he has said see how th liquid Morphine helps with the pain first.

And so is liquid Morphine in some way different/"stronger" then IR Morphine (Severedol) ?

And is a combination of Morphine and Oxycodone an useful option anyone has knowledge of.

Thank you for providing a really helpful site. I hope I can somehow contribute and help in a little way.

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by monsterjam2, Jan 25, 2011
I am not sure, but I think that the reason your doc prescribed the liquid is because it is easier to titrate (in other words, if you only need an additional 2 mgs per day, versus trying to break an IR tablet down to a 2 mg size).  I would give his suggestion a go and see how you make out.
I have frequently seen all kinds of combinations of narcotic drugs, and it is a very personalized result.  What works for someone else, is most likely not going to work for you (unfortunately).  The other thing to keep in mind is that over time, narcotics don't work as well, so you may want to keep as many other pain relief options open. Best of luck, and hoping your pain is controlled soon!
by swanlinnet, Jan 25, 2011
Thank you monmsterjam.

At present I am still 60mg oral, tabley Morphine IR daily .....and reluctantly the oral Morphine.

My rationale is OXycodonewitht he existing Morphine could work better , I just don't know beyond what my neighbour has said.

Thank you for the help. Best wishes Vince
by ferret5, Jan 25, 2011
I also have advanced degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower back.  I know how excrutiating and debilitating the pain can be. Is this a GP who is prescribing the meds or a pain management doctor?  It sounds to me like you are depending too much are narcotics to relieve the pain. Physical therapy is a must for the pain management and mobility.  There are several other options such as facet injections, that will lessen the need for so much narcotic use
by swanlinnet, Jan 25, 2011

A doctor is prescribing the medication. As for 'mobility' I have only an hour ago walked off a judo mat after two hours randoori !!!!!!!  : ) )

So-called facet injections may well have their place but, on that score, my time is precious and I have no intention whatsoever of attending "pain management clinics".

Now; you say 'depending too much on narcotics'.  To that I answer nonsense. Narcotics, as you call them, are so efficacious and has been with us for centuries.

Beleive me, I am anything but immobilised .....but I am human and pain .....excrutiating pain tat is not soemthing I beleive anyone should endure when we have such efficacious medicine at hand.

Hope this helps. Vince
by Melissa3070, May 11, 2013
I Agree,  that is what they are made for! When your in pain that makes you cry .. The pain is so Bad and unbearable the only thing that helps me is the pain pills without them I couldn't imagine , because of the pain being sooo Bad! I MEAN REALLY BAD BACK ,LEG, HIPS ,NECK,SHOULDERS... It is Horrible! Those injection I had and they made my back worse but the doctor says that is not true. It has got so much worse after those injections                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thanks Melissa.
by omhome, May 12, 2013
i am wondering as part of management of pain-----are there any reading who are able to do well on the opiates (usually only folks in trouble are reading)--who have accepted that they will need to take them and want to know the best way to do that without all the "horror" of it. And without the stigma!  omhome
by shinty, May 12, 2013
I think it's good to be on both a long acting and a short acting opiate, especially if one is going to be on them 'long term". I also think it's a good idea that these be different opiates--morphine and oxycodone for example. I think this is best simply because it makes tolerance easier to deal with. I accept the fact that i need opiates on a regular basis and no longer let people bother me in any way regarding that fact either. From certain family members who don't approve, to some pharmacists and other health care professionals.  I simply choose to not let them bother me anymore. I also no longer "advertise" the fact that i am a chronic pain patient, and that seems to help also.
by trixieplayer, May 15, 2013
Hello there! I am a chronic pain patient dealing with sjogrens, sarcoidosis pancreatitis, gastroparesis, etc. I have been on the combination of Morphine ER 60mg and Oxycodone IR 15mg for about a year now. It has been working well for me. You are nobody's hero by not taking the pain medication prescribed to you. I have also learned that people frown on the fact that I take prescription pain medication as a way of coping. Just a tad bit of advice! Trixie
by omhome, May 16, 2013
i think you guys are right about keeping it to ourselves........i used to think otherwise but after a few more headlines!----like you know "pain-pill-abuser" kidnaps and kills six little darling babies-----i give.  
     And if we have to be on them then why not have a positive attitude about it.....why not keep up an attitude of gratitude for the relief it gives us.....Thank You Poppy!.....  
      I wonder how many of you out there agree?