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Multilobulated Septated Ganglion Cyst
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Multilobulated Septated Ganglion Cyst

I'm simply wondering what the possbile causes for such an injury could be.  I have been diagnosed with this injury on my Hoffa fat pad, but I can no longer afford ($) to continue with constant doctor visits.  So I was hoping someone could help me by offering common ways such a cyst might form -- is it from blunt trauma? Constant physical stress on the affected area? Etc...

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide!
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Hi gingerkid

   I'm sorry it has taken so long for you to ger a response. I'm unfortunitly not too familiar with this type of cyst.
Where is it located in your body? As far as I have seen it can form in many different areas.
I understand your not being able to keep paying for treatments.
Have you thought about surgery? I know surgery is really expensive so that may not be an option if you dont have health insurance or your insurance isnt covering enough cost of your medical treatments.
You cn immobolize the area as movement can cause the cyst to increase in size.
Having the cyst drained can be helpful though it may return in time.
But I did read that if you have the fluid drawn out 3 times your chance of curing it goes up to 74%

The search I ran on this type of cyst gave very little info on home treatments they seemed to all involve having the DR treat it.

Have you looked into getting state insurance coverage. I'm not sure if you dont have insurance at all or if your insurance doesnt cover your treatments well enough. But you can visit your counties Social Services office and ask about getting your states medicade.
You may also want to look in your phone book for clinics in your area that charge on a sliding scale.
I know that orthos are the ones who can do the procedures but you may be able to find an ortho that is willing to help you and charge a smaller fee.  

I wish I could be of more help to you. There is an orthopedics forum here at medhelp. You may want to also check that out. Just go to the main forums page and look under "O".  We are glad to have you here but you may be able to get a more informed answer as someone may there may know alot more or have experienced them there selves.
There is also an insurance forum here. If you go to the right side of the main forums page under the expert forums, it will be under "H".  Sone expert forums charge a small fee but not all do so you may want to check it out. There might be siome good odeas on how to get insurance or better coverage.
As I said I'm too familiar with these cyst so apologize if I have misunderstood what kind it is and given you the wrong information.
I hope you can find some answers so you dont have to keep paying out of pocket.

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